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You Must Know: What is Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Critical Thinking and Problem SolvingThe question of what is critical thinking and problem solving can be simply answered as the person’s ability to use the available knowledge, data, and facts in order to efficiently solve the problems. These skills are actually the intellectually disciplined processes with the emphasis on the utilization of high order thinking that includes various analyzing techniques such as conceptualization, analysis, synthesis, application, and evaluation of the incoming information flow.

All these definitions mean that problem solving and critical thinking is about thinking according to the situation, assessing the problems, and finding solutions to them. Considering all these definitions, it is required to understand the core of the answer to the question of what is critical thinking and problem solving. (more…)

What is Critical Thinking Class and Its Benefits

Critical Thinking ClassPeople all over the world want to develop their skills and expand their knowledge, so they are interesting in the improvement of themselves. Therefore they may be interested in what is critical thinking class. Critical thinking skills are helpful for people in order to be able to make right decisions and be able to solve all the kinds of problems. This paper will be interesting for those people who wants to find out more about the fact what is critical thinking class and be able to analyze all the processes that are taking place in their everyday life. (more…)

You Ask, We Answer: What is Editing in Writing?

Editing in WritingIt is a well-known fact that editing is essential in the production of each piece of strongly written work. In particular, the notion of what is editing in writing can be defined as a crucial part of an overall writing process for every writer. By the way, it is essential to understand and make a clear and strict separation between such processes as writing and also editing. In such cases, editing in writing is the core of the accurate written paper that allows a person to represent a personal point of view. Hence, it is crucial becoming aware of the actual meaning and matter of what is editing in writing. (more…)

What is Keynote Speech and its Role in Conferences

Keynote SpeechWhat is keynote speech is the notion that implies the way of delivering the message at the academic or political conferences with the purpose to sum up the core idea of the certain event in the underlying tone. It aims at motivating and encouraging the target audience as well as it inspires to the new thoughts. As a rule, it is delivered in the middle or at the end of the occasion and the speaker directly concentrates on the audience. Following the issue what is keynote speech, one maintains the solid connection with the spectators in order to catch their attention. The keynote speaker has to organize the outline beforehand and make it structurally connected in order to make it interesting and inspiring. (more…)

What is Rational Thinking? Are You Sure You Know the Answer?

Rational ThinkingIt is a fact that the thinking process is a feature inherent in every human being. In particular, the notion of what is rational thinking can be considered as an integral and crucial part of the overall thinking process for every particular person. Today, in the era of digital technologies, when information is affluent and controversial as never before, it is crucial to parse the truth from the multiplicity of various claims. Whether it is the information about climate change, fertility rates or discovering a new type of vaccines, a wide list of conspiracy theories and false assumptions contend with science for the trust of the general public. In such cases, rational thinking is the key to the accurate assessment of the situation that allows a person to recognize right decisions among a variety of options. Hence, it is crucial to become aware of the factual definition of what is rational thinking. (more…)

What is Research Report Writing? The Answer Will Surprise You!

Research Report WritingIn a course of academic and professional development, there is an essential need to be aware of what is research report writing, basing on personal experience. Numerous tasks, both in college or at work, have a strict description of the work, needed to be done and provided to teachers or top managers.

Research report writing may be called thesis or dissertation, because of differences in preface pages, main body, and also references. A kind of technique, used in research report writing, is the opportunity to look back on the work in order to outline all of the core points of a study and verify a validity of conclusions. That is why all people who wish to upgrade their knowledge need to find out what is research report writing. (more…)

What is Academic Writing? Answer in a Nutshell

There is no doubt that every person, who is in the process of obtaining higher education, should know what is the academic writing. In fact, writing is the ability that is essential in many areas of human activity. Nevertheless, academic writing involves such specific elements and crucial factors, which are absent in all other types of writing. As a matter of fact, it has its distinctive selection of practices and established rules, which distinguish academic writing from all other styles of writing. Considering all the above, it is crucial to determine and formulate all the features of this type of writing and define what is the academic writing. (more…)

What is the Bibliography? Ha! That’s Simple!

BibliographyScholars and students have to participate in writing academic assignments on constant occasions, making them more than likely to encounter the question of what is the bibliography, on their trail of educational development, sooner or later. A bibliography, while being similar to, however, different from, a reference list, is an important part of an academic work’s structure. Whether it is an essay, and article, a journal review, a case study, or a scientific report, a bibliography is an essential part of an academic paper, as it allows to keep track of the sources used in the process. As an academic paper is bound to teach the student to analyze and organize new knowledge in set academic criteria, a bibliography plays a significant role in organizing its content in logical form. Thus, it would be more than reasonable for a scholar to analyze what is the bibliography, and how to write it accordingly. (more…)

What is the Persuasive Speech? What Makes It Persuasive?

Any speaker who has ever tried to deliver his ideas to the public is undoubtedly aware of what is the persuasive speech.

Being an appeal to the audience, persuasive speech is aimed at providing listeners with ideas that make speaker’s position clearer to them. Neither a presentation of poetry nor the President elections are successful without proper persuasion. Ability to convince is a necessity in a modern fast-developing world. Persuasive skills would be of a great value in various everyday situations starting from teenagers’ requests to go to a party and ending with law practices in the court. That is the reason why the knowledge of what is the persuasive speech as well as of different persuasive methods is a determinative factor for every successful individual. (more…)

What Makes Writing a Book Template Effective

Writing a Book TemplateIn order to persuade the audience that a certain book or idea is worth attention it is essential to be aware of what makes writing a book template effective. A powerful book proposal is a key to the success of any novice as well as an experienced author. A compelling book template presumes an argument that will interest publishers and ensure the investment flows. Moreover, it is less time consuming than writing an entire book and only then trying to draw agent’s attention. Generally speaking, the knowledge of what makes writing a book template effective not only assists in the creation of a real masterpiece but also makes it accessible to the general public. Still, it is important to make a distinction between fiction and non-fiction templates that will be described further. (more…)