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How to Manage Project Topic in Accounting

Accounting Project TopicsAn accounting project refers to a planned work with specific objectives and interrelated set of tasks that need to be executed within a fixed period and at a given cost and limitation. In higher learning institutions, projects are part of the assessments that evaluate an individual’s level of comprehension and achievement of educational and curriculum goals. Accounting is a broad course that has distinct subtopics spread through the learning year. On this note, students are expected to select preferable project topics in accounting and organize a project based on the identified topic. While it is possible to choose a topic from books, it is convenient to select accounting project topics from online platforms. However, only a limited number of students know how to understand and access accounting project topics from online sources in PDF format. (more…)

Business Proposal Letter Sample

Business Proposal Letter SampleA business proposal letter implies a write up sent to organizations or business partners to recommend a business idea or an intention to operate in certain ways. An ideal business proposal letter presents data that provides a convincing argument to support the suggested partnership or entrepreneurial idea. The main elements of the business proposal letter include an expectation to establish a specific business, an explanation of proposed ideas and operations, and the expected results to the stakeholders and the consumers. Based on the above aspects, a business proposal letter directs its focus to potential business partners and sponsors who need to identify an opportunity and its pros and cons before consenting on a business project.  (more…)

Business Proposal Writing Sample

Business Proposal Writing SampleBusiness proposal writing involves putting together a document that provides particular products or services to potential clients. The business proposal write up can be solicited or unsolicited, where the former implies that the proposal is issued in response to an advertisement. The unsolicited business proposal is issued to potential clients even when they have not requested for one. Business proposal writing requires the articulation of a problem statement, a proposed solution, and a budget. (more…)

Business Related Presentation Topics

Business Related Presentation TopicsBusiness related presentation topics are informative contents that are availed to an audience through formal tutorials. These topics should be based on the business field and should either inform about certain business phenomenon or propose solutions to business issues and provide ideas for business development. Notably, a business-related topic for presentation may focus on cause-effect relationships, problem-solution based business information, or historical business perspectives. A business presentation topic is conducted using audio/visual presentation materials or whiteboards and flip charts. (more…)

Business Asset Purchase Agreement

Business Asset Purchase AgreementBusiness Asset Purchase Agreement is an elaborate agreement between the purchaser and the seller, which spells out the terms of purchase of specified assets belonging to a company. The agreement provides crucial specifics regarding the purchase price and the terms of payment.

A formal agreement should have a conventional structure and must be written in a formal language that specifies all the important details with absolute clarity. Encumbrances and liens on the assets are also included in the terms of the agreement. A proper agreement should have a condition precedent for its closing. The names of the parties involved in the agreement must be provided in full. (more…)

Business Plan Sample Free

Business Plan Sample FreeA business sample should explain all aspects regarding a particular prospective enterprise. It contains important details such as nature of the industry, financial projections, and ownership structure. A person intending to enter the restaurant industry has to contend operating in a highly competitive sector. In order to succeed, writing down a detailed business plan is necessary. Kapsabet Dishes is an example of a company that followed this detailed document.  The proprietors of the proposed restaurant detailed business plan that encompassed important elements such as ownership structure, starting capital, location, and management. (more…)

Business Plan Presentation PowerPoint

Business Plan Presentation PowerPointA business plan presentation is one of the best ways of luring investors, but it is stressful to almost all the entrepreneurs. Further, it is worth noting that regardless of whether a business plan that has been prepared by an entrepreneur is very superb, he or she will still become worried because of the fear of the manner in which the audience would react. As such, it is imperative for one to prepare well before presenting his or her business plan. As such, this article presents the steps that one needs to follow in order to successfully make a business plan presentation PowerPoint.

Making a business plan presentation PowerPoint requires the following seven steps: (more…)

Business Plan: PowerPoint Guide

Business Plan: PowerPoint GuideAn entrepreneur is always making presentations to prospective clients, business partners, and government officials. In most cases, he or she is under a lot of pressure to deliver and is always looking for a specific response from the audience. As such, the quality of the presentation plays a key role in achieving that. In order to make an eye-catching and captivating presentation of a business plan on PowerPoint, one must follow several steps. (more…)

Business Model Sample

Business Model SampleOne can define a business model as a conceptual structure that supports the viability of a particular business. It also encompasses its objectives and has a specific plan of how to achieve them. In its simplest form, a business model describes how a business intends to fulfill its goals. Therefore, all policies and processes are part of it. Peter Drucker, one the most renowned management experts today, states that a business model answers questions such as who is the customer, his or her value, and how to deliver it at an optimal cost. The advantages of documentation of a business model include maintaining focus on corporate objectives, evaluating operational procedures, and making sure that the two go well together. (more…)

Business Contracts

Business ContractsA business contract is an agreement between two or more persons, who can be real or artificial, with an objective to carry out a particular act, such as provision of a good or service, and is safeguarded by law. In the early days, most business contracts were unwritten, and many deals were agreed with a simple handshake. The problem with these informal contracts was that if a problem arose during its term, it was difficult for the aggrieved party to obtain justice in court as the conditions were unclear. Even though many business contracts today are written, there still exist verbal ones. However, over time, businesspeople have agreed on specifics that every contract should have, be it verbal or written. Indeed, today’s business contracts are very detailed in order to make the terms clear to the parties involved. (more…)