Case Study on Integrated Marketing Communications

Integrated Marketing Communications plan for the product – Al Fresco Chicken Sausage
Al Fresco Chicken Sausage has been in the market for many years. Mostly the company targets people between 24 and 60 years as their prime product buyers. However, during the last couple of years this bracket target has become saturated hence minimal company growth. The first order of business as the new Marketing Communications Manager of Al Fresco Chicken Sausages is to identify a new target base for the company to grow and expand. By identifying a new target, the company will tray and resole the current flat sales that are affecting the company. The reason why this is the first order of business is because the company has identified its customer target as saturated and not providing any sales. After seven successful years in the field, the company has realized that the market has been saturated and no market feasibility in customer selection (Kerin & Peterson, 2007).

Al Fresco Chicken Sausage Company aims at changing its target selection keeping in mind the demographic and psychographic factors that would affect the target. While considering these factors, one should look at the response the product. It is given in the market values, lifestyles, attitudes, and interest from the psychographic factors while choosing a target for the market. With careful consideration, the company chooses a target between the age of 15 and 25. This target will enable the company to achieve what it goals. This is because the company will have narrowed its target selection to an audience hence reducing chances of getting priorities mixed up. For instance, by narrowing its customer target and specifically getting teens as its customer targets the company will be able to establish its self easily in the market (Mauborgne, 2005).

Al Fresco Chicken Sausage Company will be able to identify the demographic and psychographic factors that influence the teenagers today. For instance, while looking at life style one factor that affects the psychographic one can tell that there is a significant change in the social world. In order to attract more customers, the company will allocate more funds to advertise in the social networks. Social networking has become one of the biggest ways to advertise products among teenagers. With a budget of $35,000 awarded to Internet advertising, as the new Marketing Communications Manager half of the money will be awarded to sites like Facebook and Twitter where most teenagers spend most of their time. Collective research from the internet shows that almost 92% of teenagers today spend six to seven hours in such social sites. With figures like this, the company is assured to get a maximum return. The communication strategy of the year is meant to communicate two things (Guidelines for project).

The first and most urgent message to be passed through marketing of the new product is the change of customer selection. This message will not be passed casually but through the advertisements. The message will be made clear by the advertisements that the company will pass. First, the company will use a lot of money in order to develop an advertisement. This will be more appropriate for teenagers the company through is budget will setup a new advertising and marketing department that will see to it that the message is passed across. The company will also spend $350,000 in television advertising and $10,000 at radio advertising. Timing will have to be one of the biggest factors to consider while picking a sport of when to run the adverts. A research department will be set up to determine when most teenagers watch television (Kennaugh).

The second objective that the strategy is meant to accomplish s to see market sales of the product rise from the flat sales in the market. A rise of almost seventy percent profit is being targeted by use of communication strategies. Although the pull strategy will be implemented also at some point, the pull strategy will be considered the key strategy. The push strategy will see the products being advertised by the department promoted in order to stimulate market acceptability. The strategy will see the target audience accepting the product hence an increase in sales. As mentioned early, various channels of advertising will be used to pass along the message and help in promoting the product. For instance, Internet advertising will be used but not as the main-advertising media (Kerin & Peterson, 2007).

The main objective behind using Internet technology to advertise the product is that its target audience is mostly engaged in the Internet. However, the main and key medium that will be used for advertising the product will be television advertisement. There are few varied reasons why television will be the main advertising medium. First television is one of the most prominent medium when it comes to advertising of products. Research done has proved that many people are first her about a product through television. The department will use television as the min medium for fulfilling objectives. In addition, another reason that has made television be considered, as the main medium of advertising is television is everywhere and is more affordable compared to other channels of advertising. The affordability is based on the fact that also of people can afford cable. In the real sense customer, affordability is the main target. Another reason why television advertising is used as the main advertising medium is that it attracts more customers through visual effects. Putting in mind that the company is seeking to sell edible products, television would be the best medium since it evokes the eye and puts the want on consumers to buy the products (Kennaugh).

For this year, the department will be allocated with $2,000,000 that will help it drive its agendas. $350,000 out of the $2,000,000 will be directed to television advertising while $10, 000 will be directed at radio advertising. Internet advertising transactional and informational website will have a total budget of $75,000 sales promotion plus trade shows that will be aimed at advertising the product through direct contact with the clients will total to $880,000. Direct mail that will be sent to selected clients as a way of advertisement plus brochures and collateral material will amount to $90,000. The money that will be used in direct staffing of both promotional and other staff members will amount to $165,000. The budget allocated to this department will be used to see to it that the products are well advertised within the country and community (Kerin & Peterson, 2007).