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What is a Video Presentation? Types of Presentations

As the contemporary world is developing every day, people have to use technologies in their life. The use of technologies is making the life of people easier. For instance, the video presentation is helping people to explain a specific topic more detailed and it will be easier for other people to understand it. Therefore, a lot of people may be interested what is a video presentation, so this paper will be useful for them. During different meetings and summits, people (more...)

Cite It Right! What is APA Format Style?

During the course of studying, every student should write essays, research papers or other types academic writing in order to receive a degree. In addition, scientists write theoretical articles, research papers, in which they report the results of their research. Researchers should use one of the format styles (APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian or Harvard) when writing papers. It makes a paper structured and gives a credit to the authors of the works cited in the paper. APA format style is the (more...)

You Must Know: What is Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

The question of what is critical thinking and problem solving can be simply answered as the person’s ability to use the available knowledge, data, and facts in order to efficiently solve the problems. These skills are actually the intellectually disciplined processes with the emphasis on the utilization of high order thinking that includes various analyzing techniques such as conceptualization, analysis, synthesis, application, and evaluation of the incoming information flow. All these definitions mean that problem solving and critical thinking is (more...)

What is Critical Thinking Class and Its Benefits

People all over the world want to develop their skills and expand their knowledge, so they are interesting in the improvement of themselves. Therefore they may be interested in what is critical thinking class. Critical thinking skills are helpful for people in order to be able to make right decisions and be able to solve all the kinds of problems. This paper will be interesting for those people who wants to find out more about the fact what is critical (more...)

What is Rational Thinking? Are You Sure You Know the Answer?

It is a fact that the thinking process is a feature inherent in every human being. In particular, the notion of what is rational thinking can be considered as an integral and crucial part of the overall thinking process for every particular person. Today, in the era of digital technologies, when information is affluent and controversial as never before, it is crucial to parse the truth from the multiplicity of various claims. Whether it is the information about climate change, (more...)

What is Academic Writing? Answer in a Nutshell

There is no doubt that every person, who is in the process of obtaining higher education, should know what is the academic writing. In fact, writing is the ability that is essential in many areas of human activity. Nevertheless, academic writing involves such specific elements and crucial factors, which are absent in all other types of writing. As a matter of fact, it has its distinctive selection of practices and established rules, which distinguish academic writing from all other styles (more...)

What is the Bibliography? Ha! That’s Simple!

Scholars and students have to participate in writing academic assignments on constant occasions, making them more than likely to encounter the question of what is the bibliography, on their trail of educational development, sooner or later. A bibliography, while being similar to, however, different from, a reference list, is an important part of an academic work's structure. Whether it is an essay, and article, a journal review, a case study, or a scientific report, a bibliography is an essential part (more...)

What is a Research Study?

It is almost impossible to imagine the modern world without a research. Books, television, Internet – all these commonly used items anyhow stimulate modern individuals to participate in the research. However, only the knowledge of what is a research study may serve as a great assistance in performing a successful research with the use of the appropriate methodological framework. Generally speaking, in the broad sense, the notion of research presumes the collection of various data and facts and is aimed (more...)

Know How to Make a Good Presentation Now!

While delivering information to the audience, one should always consider distinct ways of how to make a good presentation. It is crucial to take particular steps in order for a presentation to be effective and worth listening or seeing. It would be reasonable to say that there are techniques that would alter the presentation in a positive way. Therefore, it is essential to make emphasis on the most pivotal methods while considering how to make a good presentation. Preparation The (more...)

How to Make a Poster Presentation in a Nutshell

Lately, poster presentations become one of the most effective components of communication. However, just a minority of people knows how to make a poster presentation in the proper way. Besides, others make it inappropriate or do not make at all, in order to avoid risky consequences. In fact, there is no reason to be afraid of making a presentation poster. In particular, there are ten core rules that may help to make a presentation post easier, quicker, and also more (more...)