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Ethics Awareness

Criminal justice is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that offenders or law breakers corrected through the legal correctional means. In the process of correcting them, criminal justice students will be interested to see how the legal proceedings are conducted, and if there are any ethics followed. When we compare criminal justice systems and the ethical aspects, we first must bring some questions to the fore. First, is it ethically proper to cross examine a witness with the aim of (more...)

Aspasia’s Rhetoric

It is a relatively new practice to consider women in history and to examine the possible impact of their feminine perspectives. On the tails of Great Man Theory which relied on the biographies of great men at the exclusion of all other contributors, it is now far more acceptable to focus on societal and environmental factors that influenced history and to take account of previously excluded groups of people, including the contributions of women. Think of Aspasia and her persuasion (more...)

Is Money an Effective Motivator at Work?

Sociologists and Human Resource managers alike are constantly seeking new methods to motivate people at work; the interest to this subject is fully understandable, as motivated employees are capable of generating more profit for the company than distressed ones. "The media bombard the public with colorful stories of young people working 80- and 90-hour weeks for months and years in the hope of breaking through to the ranks of the mega-wealthy." (Erez, p. 5) However, it is apparent that at (more...)

Multi Cultural and Intercultural Communication

In what ways have ethnic minority children in Britain and the USA been discriminated against in the education system because of their use of language? To what extent can bilingual/bidialectal education benefit these children? While the link between language and educational advantage has been well-established, the efficacy of the various strategies designed to address this issue have been the subject of much debate. Dialects used by West Indian and African American students were traditionally classified as inferior forms of English (more...)

Significance of Technology to Business Strategy

Ideal business strategy of any business firm involves proper utilization of innovative technology that can increase competitive ability of a particular company. The pharmaceutical companies also need to use technology in order to withstand competition from their rival companies. For instance, the emergence of biotechnology in the recent years has given enormous competitive ability to the major pharmaceutical companies. (Cook 65) A new technology has been developed by the Microsoft corporation in order to assist the pharmaceutical companies in introducing (more...)

The Idea of Artist as Hero

They do not fight wars, end famine or rescue small children from burning buildings. At least according to some Renaissance-era boosters, they are heroes. Though they may not have led battalions, their accomplishments on the canvas were thought to be of such magnitude that, according to many, they deserved heroic praise and treatment. (Barolsky, 1998.) Two artists of their time who may earn such accolades - emphasizing the qualifier- were Berthe Morisot and James Abbott McNeill Whistler. Though their work (more...)