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Creation vs Evolution Essay

The two theories that are constantly against each other are the theories of creation and evolution. The theory of creation is based on the Bible’s telling of our existence. The theory of evolution is based on the process of natural selection on how we became human. In the following I will give an outline for each theory, provide three pieces of evidence from each theory, and make a closing argument as to which theory I support.

The theory of creation is based on the events in the book of Genesis in the Bible. The theory surrounds the belief that God is the creator of everything in the world. There is also the belief that God created the world in six days. According to the book of Genesis man was created out of dust (Gen. 2:7) and woman was created from man by one of his ribs (Gen. 2:21-23). According to creationists, the Bible is an absolute truth and therefore they use that as a justification for what they believe in. Three pieces of evidence that are used by creationists are: 1) The Grand Canyon- Creationists see the Grand Canyon as a site of mass erosion so therefore they believe that Noah’s worldwide Flood (Gen. 6-9) was the cause of it. 2) Fossil Evidence- Creationists believe, again, that Noah’s Flood is what formed the fossils. According to the deluge fossil formation theory, the currents of the water slowed down or changed course which could deposit the sediments and fossils carried by the water. The sedimentation accounted for the layers of sedimentary rock which contain most of the fossils and compose most of the topography. 3) Molecular Biology- Creationists use molecular biology not only as evidence but as an advantage to proving evolutionists wrong. Molecular biology does not support evolution because such complex systems (namely cells) cannot arise in the gradual piece-by-piece process required by evolution. So, as evidence, this could be used to prove that there is a God who created these things.

The theory of evolution is based on Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection. Darwin formulated this theory on his voyage on the H.M.S. Beagle in the Galapagos Islands. He saw that there were birds that reminded him of finches in England and they normally eat seeds. But when he saw them, some ate seeds and others ate the fleshy parts of cacti. One group used the spine of a cactus to get insects that were inside the cacti. Darwin believed that all these different types of finches were descended from a few finches which had migrated to South America, probably during a storm, and then had evolved to adapt to their new conditions. Darwin used these observations to support his theory of natural selection which is Darwin’s theory that only those organisms containing the best variations can survive and reproduce in a given environment. Evolutionists believe that no meaning of life exists and that there is no afterlife or God. One of the basic ideas is evolution by descent or that beings evolve from common ancestors. Three pieces of evidence that evolutionists use are: 1) Fossil evidence- According to how the fossils are placed in rock layers, the youngest fossils are on top and the oldest are on the bottom. Not only do scientists have to see how they are placed, but they also have to date the fossils using Carbon-14 and the dates they give are supposed to show how old the fossil is. 2) Genetic Variation- Modern evolutionists believe that genetic variation is caused by sexual reproduction and mutations. Mutations can be good or bad, but a small percentage can provide adaptations to the environment of an organism. 3) The Grand Canyon- What evolutionists believe about the grand canyon is that it was formed by seismic disturbance after the Rocky Mountains had formed.

I support creationism because if the events of the Bible are not true, then we have no history as humans. The Bible is historic evidence for everything such as Egypt’s rule over Israel and the Babylonian Captivity. One thing that evolutionists believe about the radioactive dating is that they give dates as to how old they are. But, how do we know whether the data is very reliable? Some of the radioactive substances give big results for dates such as 1 billion years because the half-lives of the radioactive materials are so big. Another thing that proves creation is evidence of a worldwide flood. The Grand Canyon is evidence of massive erosion so it could be possible that water could have made it. Also evidence of Noah’s Ark was found near Mount Ararat in Turkey, so most likely it did happen. Evolutionists believe in genetic variation and mutations. Variation has nothing to do with being able to create something in the first place. You cannot have variation without creation occuring first. Too much genetic mutations can kill an organism after so many years of it, so that is another way evolution may not have occurred. The Bible is an absolute truth, I believe, and its truth is mostly revealed today with all the archaeological and anthropological findings like Egyptian heiroglyphics giving a history of their people. Creation is in the Bible, so it must be true.

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