Screaming Extremism essay

Outline Template
The main reason as to why the world is slowly transforming into a noisy world is due to the effect that psychologist describe as the cocktail party effect. This effect has really made the world to be a world where people are unable to air their views but only a few individuals can. Activists who stand for noble intentions also find themselves in this quagmire such that they end up being tagged as extremists just like those who blew up the Twin Towers.
What was the thesis question that you used to find your thesis claims?

The thesis question that was used to formulate the thesis was….why is the noise level going up in every sphere of life?
What is your thesis?

My thesis statement is that the reason why cocktail party effect occurs as result of people not being given the opportunity to be heard.

I agree with the issue of screaming extremism. Borrowing from the words of Abbie Hoffman, the individual revokes the school of though that tends to represent revolution as a fixed ideological creation and an activity based on a certain decade. Rather, Abbie Hoffman regards it as a continuous progression that is part of the human spirit. His argument is not only persuasive but also highlights the core of activism, and by so doing revoking any claims that may want to control it. He correctly points out that activisms part of the human spirit thus making it innate rather than a borrowed character. Any such sentiments as activism having reached extreme limits are thus largely fallacious and misconstrued.

Outline ONLY your thesis claim sections.

Thesis Claim Section 1

The purpose of this section is to argue that silencing of people can have serious ramifications.

“A person could be in a room full of clusters of other people, all of them engaged in conversations, but the person could still manage somehow to block out every other conversation and focus directly on his own.” The purpose of this paragraph is to illustrate that indeed the noise levels can be moderate and at times go up if people’s views are not being accommodated.

-The first point is that silencing of people makes them feel isolated. A specific example is when the Islamic radicals protest due marginalization by the West and political persecution.
-When the Tea Partiers claim that they are the minority hence they demand to be heard on all fronts.

b) “We don’t usually think of extremism as a byproduct of the information age. Most analyses of the subject focus on social or psychological factors.” The purpose of this statement is to argue that information is really contributing to extremism other than the perceived social and psychological excuses.

-The first point is that people have never sat down to analyze the real reason why people resort to venting their anger and frustrations through social media.

-The second point is that the so called protestors never know the level to which they actually incite other people. This is quite dangerous as people resort to violence if their needs are not met.

Thesis Claim Section 2
The purpose of this claim section is to argue that apart from the usual claim that extremism results from psychological and social factors, the flow of information greatly contributes to it.

“But even if the sources for extremism are social and psychological, the global information glut ratchets up the heat”. The purpose of this paragraph is to support the fact that information is the main reason why extremism is on the rise.

The first point is that with the advancement in technology, people are really finding it easy to air their views without being victimized

The second point is that with the rapid advancement in technology, the world is slowly
becoming a global village where people can meet up and discuss contemporary issues.

The purpose of this section is to argue that having the loudest voice at a cocktail party does not necessarily mean that one is always correct. “Seeing extremism as the loudest voice in the cocktail conversation is important too because, viewed this way, extremism is less easily remediable than if it were solely a product of the lingering problems of poverty, education, political suppression, and cultural imperialism.”

This statement supports the earlier statement that having a loud voice is no measure at all than communicating your message.

-the first point is that people should be given a chance to be heard always.

-the second point is that poverty and lack of education can lead to extremism.

In understanding the cocktail party effect, I happened to have attended one and found out that one of the issues that one of them was talking about was about economic recession. A crowd that gathered around him was keenly following. Peter, who was at that time speaking, had this to say. “The reason why we are undergoing this recession is due to perceived isolation of the middle east by the West in trade”. I interrupt by actually agreeing with him and saying, “In fact I totally agree with you Mr. Peter in the sense that they marginalized feel that they need a voice so that they can be heard. This is the reason as to why extremism is rampant in the region.”

From the conversation I get to understand why extremism is so rampant in many parts of the Middle East. “The Islamic radicals got and continue to get publicity out of proportion to their numbers.” (4). I wonder what the author means by this statement. In my own analysis, the key point that Gabler is trying to put across is that extremism will be used by all means and ways so as to justify actions that they feel have never been addressed to their satisfaction. “It certainly isn’t news that we live in a world of intensifying tension, anger, and violence.” (4). I also wonder what the author means by this statement. In my own view, I conclude that people seem to be always angry about something and they will always find the means and ways of venting their frustrations any way possible.

Do the Islamic radicals have to demonstrate in order to be heard? No, they don’t have to. The reason is simply because this would create a state of panic towards the citizenry. Why do we live in a world where there is constant tension and anger? The reason is simply because people have been left behind in terms development especially the marginalized. In general, the question to ask is, does the cocktail party effect have an impact in our lives? The answer is a big yes. The reason is that people will always feel disgruntled when their views are not taken on board hence they tend to resort to demonstration that could ultimately lead to violence.