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    We are a progressive academic writing service that works towards improving customers’ performances. Do you need an essay, book review, research paper, or thesis you can afford? Then you are in the right place, as we are good at making students’ lives easier. Completing writing tasks within your deadline at a reasonably cheap cost is what we do with pleasure. Even more, we are aimed at providing flexible and convenient terms for every client we work with. This approach makes your experience with AffordablePapers smooth and enjoyable.

  • Goals

    Our mission is connected with ongoing improvement for the sake of making the academic writing industry efficient, safe, and affordable. Thus, we have certain aims to share:

    • Put caring for our customers, writers,
      and support team first
    • Work fairly, providing original products
      of high quality on time
    • Set fair prices to be affordable for everyone
    • Maintain constant improvement to stay
      competitive on the market
  • Writers

    In our field, you can’t go without professional writers. They are the most valuable asset we have, as the quality of assignments depends on how good they write. Thus, we have gathered a team of more than 500 experts in various academic subjects. Working on a freelance basis, they can cover practically any request of yours around the clock. This helps us spend resources wisely and focus more on providing affordable academic assistance.

  • 13-year experience
  • 500+ active writers
  • 2+ million pages written
  • History

    Since 2005, we have been functioning as an academic writing company. We literally treated (and still keep treating) this project as a child. At first, we were small, inexperienced, yet very passionate about what we do. This helped us overcome hardships and move further. Year after year, we have been growing, and learning how to become better for our customers. This 13-year experience has given us solid ground to suggest that we are more than just an academic writing agency. As a result, the AffordablePapers team has become a customer-friendly working system that functions well both for writers and customers.

  • Prices

    Our distinctive feature is our reasonably low costs for papers. Starting from $9 per page, we have set a pricing policy that keeps a balance between rates and quality. The key thing is to cut down on excessive operational expenses, as we don’t need much to run our business. This helps maintain our affordable prices, rather than spending great sums of money on developing a fancy website. We prefer doing our job well instead of spreading promising advertisements on the net.

  • Customer Support

    Day and night, you can reach our tireless and friendly staff for help. We admire their diligence, effectiveness, and positive spirit. These criteria are at the heart of employing customer support team members. Thanks to them, we can understand clients’ needs, and thus become better.

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Paper Financial Statements as a Key Source of Information for Financial Decisions
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