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Good Thesis Topics List for Techies even Elon Musk Would Approve

Good Thesis Topics for TechiesThe role of modern technologies in the current society is of huge importance. It helps the humanity in multiple ways and each year, we enjoy the novelties of the technological progress. They sufficiently ease our life, offer great conveniences, the quickness of fulfillment almost all options. Consequently, more and more young people attend technological colleges and universities. This branch is utterly popular.

One of the greatest difficulties for techies is to write essays. It goes without saying that you will have a rich variety of topics and each may be special and suit your abilities and interests. Nonetheless, the most successful essays are amongst some really specific ones, which are important and innovative for all times.

Consider the list of possible topics for techies, which may be approved even by Elon Musk: (more…)

Why You Should Get an Essay Written for You and Focus on Socializing

Getting an Essay Written for YouHave you ever thought about the fact that colleges actually were set up not only to get a degree, but also to develop your social skills? Interpersonal communication is as important as gaining academic knowledge and that’s why you study in groups. But, nowadays, due to the load of assignments, you hardly ever get enough time to socialize, and this fact negatively impacts your mood as well as mental health.

According to the research conducted by the University of Minnesota, learners who regularly interact with other people say that they feel less stressed or anxious. And we’re not talking about texting or messaging via FB. It’s the old school way of meeting your friends and going out that makes you feel better. In 2014 another research – American Freshman Survey – reported that only 18% of students spend more than 16 hours a week socializing while the rest has a declining tendency because of the amount of homework they have. (more…)

Good TOK Presentation Topics Based on the Recent Cognitive Studies

Good TOK Presentation TopicsUndoubtedly, each essay type is complex in its own specific way thanks to various academic requirements. However, one may find many similarities in the way all essay types can be performed. A lot depends on the discipline as well. Some are easier to explain and write about. When comparing essay writing with other kinds of activity, one may find some similarities with the scientific presentation as well.

Presentation of the TOK (theory of knowledge) topics is likewise complicated due to the variety of requirements, approaches and of course, the academic discipline. For instance, psychological papers and presentations on the issues of cognitive studies are one of the most complicated assignments. At the same time, such specification is interesting as well. There is a lot to work out and discuss. Thus, you will not be limited by the lack of information and methods to discover the studied topic.

In order to make captivating TOK presentation, you should select an intriguing and essential topic. Here is a pickup of some suitable topics: (more…)

Guidelines for Critical Thinking Speech in a TEDx Format

Critical Thinking SpeechTED format is a specific kind of verbal presentation in a combination with visual support. This is a showcase when speakers present their ideas in the course of 18 minutes. The topic may be anything that is interesting for you and may be relevant for the potential audience.

The specific time limit of 18 minutes is considered to be the most appropriate for the listeners. This is the most effective time period when a person has a proper focus on the topic and does not get bored and does not lose concentration. At times, we need only 5 minutes to plainly express and explain our main objectives.

If you should make a critical thinking speech in TED format, you may use the following ideas:

  • A team of scientists labors hard to give the precise data and analysis of a complicated experiment.
  • A talented writer puts to use his/her creativity to discover the plot of the story involving complex motivations and personal traits of the imagined characters.
  • A newcomer in the word of business runs his/her own small company and tries to evaluate possible outcomes of the innovative campaign, which is associated with economic issues and the human factor.


Guidelines for Writing a Project that Involves Designing an Experiment

Writing a Project: Designing an ExperimentOne of the most specific and pretty complicated kinds of assignments is to write a project, which requires a designing of an experiment. It is understood that the term experiment means the specific procedure, which is carried out systematically and which is controlled to discover some unknown results, establish a hypothesis, confirm potential outcomes or prove a definite effect. Accordingly, such project will not become an easy stroll even for the brightest minds.

This assignment will require a lot of strength, time, patience and appropriate knowledge of the studied subject. You may use different methods and choose various topics. Consequently, you will have a rich choice and can pick up the most impressive and important topics, which will give you the highest grades. The only thing you will need is to make the project in accordance with the demands of your academic supervisor.

Prior to starting your work, make sure that you know how to work with different designing tools. Afterward, you should follow definite guidelines. These are as follows: (more…)

Affordable Apartments for Students from California State University, LA: Not too Chic, but not too Far

Apartments for Students from California State UniversityIf you’re looking for accommodation near UCLA, it means that you’ve got accepted to the university that in 2015-2016 was ranked 13th for the reputation on a global scale by THE magazine. Our congratulations! But this is LA, baby, and apart from feeling happy and proud for yourself, you’ll have to deal with a number of issues, and one of them is accommodation.

It’s not that easy to find affordable apartments for students, but if you work out a plan and follow it closely, you’ll manage to fit in your student budget. And, of course, we’ll help you to do that.

How Deep Is Your Pocket?

Sit down for half an hour and count how much money you will have monthly for living in LA. Here you will have to include reliable income sources (job, financial aid, etc.), top-ups from your family and any other guaranteed money resources.

What Does the Real Estate Market Offer?

Conduct a high-quality research – luckily it can be done on the Internet without leaving your home. But first consider several important factors that will help you to filter the search results: (more…)

Renting an Affordable Apartment in Tacoma, WA: How to Fit in a Student’s Budget

Renting an Affordable Apartment in TacomaSo, you’ve got accepted in one of the universities of Tacoma, WA, and now you are planning to move there for your first year of studies. Well, we have to tell you that you won’t be disappointed neither by the provided education, nor by the location itself. Tacoma is one of most populated cities in the state, has a beautiful view on Mt. Rainier, and is much more affordable than Seattle, especially when it comes to accommodation. And that’s exactly what we are going to talk about.

What Are the Average Rent Prices?

Price: $600-$900 per month
Rooms: Studio/1 bedroom & 1 bathroom
Floor space: 400-700 sqft

The cheapest apartments in this price range usually have the basic set of amenities like kitchen with a dishwasher and microwave, washing machine, Internet access, and they are generally studios or 1 bedroom flats. The cost starts rising when the accommodation is closer to the center or different important locations (like colleges), and when it has more floor space. More expensive apartments also have parking facilities, garages, balconies, patios, pools, etc. (more…)

Affordable Health Plans with Maximum Benefits for Students after ObamaCare Act

Affordable Health Plans for StudentsWhen you become a college student, you can consider that you’re entering a pre-adult sphere of your life. Why? Because you have to care about accommodation, control your expenses, be responsible for your deeds (!), etc. But the most adult thing you have to do is to choose a health plan for the time of your studies. It sounds scary, unclear and impossible. However, it is doable if you allot enough time to make sense of all the strange terms connected with insurance and to read what affordable health plans for students there are on the market. And we will assist you in that of course. (more…)

Affordable Rent: San Francisco Apartments for less than $1500 per Month

Affordable Rent: San Francisco ApartmentsSan Francisco … The city of fitness and dog lovers with incredible views and endless opportunities. You may read dozens of stories from people who fell in love with a place for the tastiest food in the world or the atmosphere of constant movement forward. But San Francisco is also the city with the highest rent prices in the US together with the highest cost of living (according to Zumper). Surprised and scared? Sorry, we thought you knew what you were doing while entering a university in one of the most expensive American locations.

But it’s not the time to regret or doubt your life choice. Brace yourself up and prepare to spend long hours on the Internet to find a room, or if you’re lucky, a small apartment for less than $1500. (more…)

Top 16 Thought-Provoking Topics for an Analytical Essay on Constitutional Law

Analytical Essay TopicsWell, you all know what the atmosphere is in the United States right now with Trump’s team arrival to the steering wheel. The controversial views and statements of the new president confuse a great deal of people because of their nature and possible consequences. Many fear that with Donald Trump being in chief, some of Obama’s achievements are in danger (especially the ObamaCare Act which is so important for students as well). But, fortunately, the US people have the constitutional law and the Supreme Court that control the processes of governmental changes and law making. They turn constitutional changes into quite a challenge for the new governor.

But, as in many other great states, these law bodies are not perfect either. If you’ve decided to write an analytical essay on constitutional law, you have to first come up with a topic that is: (more…)