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Affordable Health Plans with Maximum Benefits for Students after ObamaCare Act

Affordable Health Plans for StudentsWhen you become a college student, you can consider that you’re entering a pre-adult sphere of your life. Why? Because you have to care about accommodation, control your expenses, be responsible for your deeds (!), etc. But the most adult thing you have to do is to choose a health plan for the time of your studies. It sounds scary, unclear and impossible. However, it is doable if you allot enough time to make sense of all the strange terms connected with insurance and to read what affordable health plans for students there are on the market. And we will assist you in that of course. (more…)

Affordable Rent: San Francisco Apartments for less than $1500 per Month

Affordable Rent: San Francisco ApartmentsSan Francisco … The city of fitness and dog lovers with incredible views and endless opportunities. You may read dozens of stories from people who fell in love with a place for the tastiest food in the world or the atmosphere of constant movement forward. But San Francisco is also the city with the highest rent prices in the US together with the highest cost of living (according to Zumper). Surprised and scared? Sorry, we thought you knew what you were doing while entering a university in one of the most expensive American locations.

But it’s not the time to regret or doubt your life choice. Brace yourself up and prepare to spend long hours on the Internet to find a room, or if you’re lucky, a small apartment for less than $1500. (more…)

Top 16 Thought-Provoking Topics for an Analytical Essay on Constitutional Law

Analytical Essay TopicsWell, you all know what the atmosphere is in the United States right now with Trump’s team arrival to the steering wheel. The controversial views and statements of the new president confuse a great deal of people because of their nature and possible consequences. Many fear that with Donald Trump being in chief, some of Obama’s achievements are in danger (especially the ObamaCare Act which is so important for students as well). But, fortunately, the US people have the constitutional law and the Supreme Court that control the processes of governmental changes and law making. They turn constitutional changes into quite a challenge for the new governor.

But, as in many other great states, these law bodies are not perfect either. If you’ve decided to write an analytical essay on constitutional law, you have to first come up with a topic that is: (more…)

How to Learn to Study When You Do Not Even Have Time for a Coffee Break

There’s never enough hours in a day! Sometimes it can feel like it’s impossible to get everything done that is needed. School is just another thing on your to-do list, but you know it’s important. The problem is to find some time to everything that is needed.

There are some ways that you can help yourself to find the time to study. Learning how to study is a key factor in achieving your study goals as quickly as possible, while still learning the material. There are also a couple of fun ways to improve your study skills. (more…)

5 Blogging Tips How to Learn: Write English Paragraphs to Better Writing Skills

English Writing SkillsNowadays, you may think that writing is out of style and fashion. It’s the old way of doing things and is only for school! What you may not realize is that you constantly write outside the classroom and you don’t even notice it.

Blogging and social media are so popular that many students have some type of outlet to express themselves. This could be through Facebook, Snapchat, a personal blog, or texting. Most likely you have already used one of these!

Writing a paper may seem a lot different, but in many ways it can be similar. We will take a look at some blogging tips that will help you with writing in English class. (more…)

How to Learn Problem Solving Skills: 10 Creative Ways

Problem Solving SkillsProblem solving skills are a vital part of life and everyone needs them. We face hundreds of small “problems” every day, and many bigger ones throughout any given week. And then, of course, there are some major problems we encounter in our lives.

We need to learn the tools to solve these issues. We are not born knowing what to do when a problem arises, though some people have more of a knack for problem solving than others. Instead, we need to learn these skills.

Learning skills do not usually sound like a fun thing to do. We learn new things from books and studying, but here are 10 creative ways on how to learn problem solving skills that are a break from a traditional one. (more…)

How Long is a Term Paper or How to Arrange the Paper Properly

How Long is a Term PaperTerm papers are something that all students must write. It comes with the territory of being in college. You’ll want to make sure that the term paper you are handing in follows a general outline that all term papers have in order to get a good grade.

Every class and professor has slightly different requirements for their desired term papers. You will need to take a careful look at these specifications before your paper is complete. Before you get to that point though, here are some things that should always be included, plus some tips to answer your question ‘how long is a term paper?’. (more…)

Can an Affordable Online College Provide Well-Grounded Knowledge?

Affordable Online CollegeEducation is known for being expensive. The financial barrier is one of the biggest that students face when deciding to continue their schooling. One of the most affordable options that students turn to is an online college.

As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for”. Does this hold true for online colleges? Many prospective students worry that they won’t receive the same standard of education that a traditional brick-and-mortar school offers. In reality, there is nothing to worry about.

Many online schools are accredited, that makes them a very viable choice in getting their degree and saving some cash. Online colleges have some great advantages. (more…)

9 Kinds of Research Papers You Face in the University

Kinds of Research PapersResearch or academic writing is an integral part of a student’s life. Starting a research paper can be very difficult for some people. At times, accomplishing it and presenting a final result are even harder than starting writing it. Due to this, students commonly feel intimidated by research papers. However, students can overcome this fear by knowing some basics kinds of research papers that they might be assigned at a university.

1. Analytical

This type of research paper aims to provide a reflection and analysis of the problem based on the gathered facts and valid evidence. First, the writer have to produce an outline as a guide for a research, and finally to make a claim. (more…)

What is a Speech? Find Out the Answer

What is a SpeechPerhaps, everyone has seen famous people addressing a large audience.  It can be President’s speech, Leonardo DiCaprio’s speech after receiving the Oscar, or popular TED talks. At the first thought, it may seem obvious that everyone can master public speaking. However, it is not enough to have the ability to speak to interact with the audience. In order to prepare a good speech, it is necessary to know what is a speech and define its purpose. Moreover, a number of steps require being done in order to make a speech effective. Being aware of what is a speech, its types, elements and how to develop a good structure are the most important in making a speech successful. (more…)