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Report on Marketing

Report on The Qualitative and Quantitative Research Phases:
Australia has become well known for its ever increasing market for perfume and also the fact that is world’s leading producer of the same product. Because of the increasing numbers of perfume manufacturers, any business in the industry has to go the extra mile to be able to sustain its market share and achieve growth in the market. Consumer needs and expectations have also changed as more manufactures have come up with better products which are also affordable (James, 2009). Although the market for cosmetics and especially perfume is unisex, that is, it is for both men and women, women provide a bigger market and their perfume needs are just a little bit more than those for men. To cut to the chase, the market for women with regard to cosmetic perfume and especially designer perfume is bigger and more complicated than that of men. As Joseph (2008) says, to understand the dynamics of the designer perfume for women would require one to understand a lot about the consumer behavior in women. Understanding this will be the key to success for nay business targeting women as the market for (designer) perfume. According to Willson (2009), unlike in the past, designer perfume has become more and more popular even where cost is an issue and continues to displace generic perfume form the shelf. Therefore, the success of any perfume business will in the near future directly depend on how well the business understands the behavior of the consumers. (more…)

Capstone Project on Employees Motivation

Statement of Topic:
To determine, how employees can be motivated in US Bancorp, Finance & Insurance Industry.

This research is focusing on employees in US Bancorp, one of the fifth leading commercial banks in United States, accredited with a high rank based on its deposits. US Bancorp has over the years been associated with consumer complaints largely because of its poor customer services. The consumer complaints are partly attributed to the fact that employees are lowly motivated hence, the more likely they are to provide poor services. The study project is further outlining on ways in which employees can be motivated in an industry that deals with a large pool of clientele.

Research Problem:
This is a real problem, and it is indicated from the following data. The cost of turn over within finance and insurance industry is $30,000 month or calculated as $1,000 in every employee on a daily basis. This will total to $360,000 per annum. Most of the actual costs in most companies are usually higher than the estimated cost. The cost of turn over within this industry may be unnecessary and avoidable. However, for this to happen in a company that employs 63,000 employees, their satisfaction requires to be increased from 4.0% to 10% for a more productive workforce.

Purpose for the Action Research:
This study is giving an outline to reasons of high-employee turnover which is directly related to a work force that is not motivated. The purpose of this research is to identify why the employees need to be motivated and how this motivation can be carried out. Through the profit and loss reports, the employees’ turnover in US Bancorp will be established.

Problem Statement:
US Bancorp has over the years been gaining a reputation that may drive away the potential employees. This is a problem that is widely known and publicized in different articles, newspapers, magazines and journals such as the Inner City Press or the Fair Finance Watch and from links such as This problem does not only exist in this company only, but also in other companies all over the globe, where most employees feel neglected or overworked (Michael & Anderson, 2000).

Theoretical Frameworks:
According to Frederick W. Taylor in theories of motivation, workers are significantly motivated by pay. This theory is likely to work in US Bancorp, which delays its employees’ pay for their extra time of working. Taylor’s theory of scientific management argued that the employees do not enjoy their work naturally, so most of them require supervision and motivation. Workers have to be compensated for their overtime shifts and payment made according to their produce. (more…)

Training on Opportunity in Education – PPT presentation


In understanding a subject, training events are ideal in order to come up with information that is comprehensive, readable and can be easily accessed.

When creating a Self-Designed Training event, it is appropriate to identify the kind of information to be delivered followed by breaking down of the training into elements that are easy to manage.

Before settling on a training opportunity, it is necessary to analyze training needs.

Skills and knowledge of online program planning and development can help create learning platform through initiatives such as a Synchronous E-Learning (Nilson, 2004).

This paper therefore seeks to design a 30-60 minute training program using technology.

The study further aims at providing an insight into the reasons why the Synchronous E-Learning Platform is needed and ways to overcome any perceived training obstacles. (more…)

Emulation essay

Part 1

It was a chilling morning in northwestern Kansas. A man, his wife and two children (boy and girl) returned to their home since it was showering and they decided to stay indoors. Additionally, life was not easy at the plains and many families relocated to other regions. As the man moved around his house, he noted that from a distance a small partition of fog and transparent cloud rotating and suddenly vanished. Also, it was coming towards their house. Suddenly, ferocious hail storm hit the house and the area around the house looked as if it was snowing. (more…)


The data which has been taken into consideration in this case includes, position and intrinsic data type. Reason for selections includes, within case selection for both quantitative and qualitative data types. The first few analysis techniques used in this case helped in organization of the whole data under study. Different data types and groups within the given data have been identified as a separate case to help identify the single unique patterns within the two categories (qualitative and quantitative). The data provided in this case further entails cross-case analysis. Pair of cases can be determined from the given data there fore able to identify the mean, mode, average, variance, and standard deviation of each data provided in this case. (more…)

Astrobiology Essay

Though it is said that there is no real agreed definition for astrobiology, as I see it, the universal meaning can be defined as the part of biology with a primary interest in studying life in the Universe. It includes the origin and evolution of life in outer space and on Earth.

Astrobiology is a compilation of an array of scientific disciplines which includes biology, astronomy, technology, and ecology. Planetary biology, the study of “human spaceflight and how life first came into existence” and exobiology, “the study of other planets both in our Solar System and those orbiting around other stars” are probably the most recognized of these of disciplines. (more…)

Business Comparison Between Two Countries Essay

Business comparison between two countries with deferent economic and political background.

There is quite a distinct difference between the two countries. Country A seems to experiencing a lot of economic problems that are compared to country B, Its political status is higher than that of B. On the other hand, Country B seems to be experiencing a lot of political instability than country A since the leaders are jailed, No elections, TV and radio stations controlled by the government which does not give its citizen freedom to exercise what they want. But in contrast with Country A, Country B is experiencing good economic status. The economy of country B is more stable than that of A, since the government in country B is more focused on giving education to its citizens as compared to country A where government investment in education and physical capital  is low.

Country B uses quite a number of ethical advantages that it posses when a firm invests in it First, By investing in company B, The government can greatly benefit due to tax that is levied in the firm which improves the economic status of the company. By use of the tax levied from there firm, the government can have the budget of the country. Therefore, (more…)

Essay about Liberal Arts Education in College

More of the liberal arts are part of the educational program that gives employability skills, including the ability to think for ourselves, the skills to communicate effectively, and the capacity for lifelong learning. Do not give a technical education but give not only superficial learning of what moved the human thought through the history. Intended as concept of high theory, a branch of a science or art consisting of its explanatory statements, accepted principles, and methods of analysis before the practice intended as doing or perform habitually or customarily, for giving peace of mind as a well known theory guide that let gain a solid grasp of the core material. What can be considered liberal arts included in the university are matters as Humanities (English Literature, Modern Languages, History, Philosophy), Social Sciences (Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Political Science, Sociology), Creative Arts (Fine Art, Theatre, Speech, Creative Writing), and the Sciences. Liberal arts give necessary practical skills; or they may prepare moving on to a graduate or professional school, will improve analytical, communication and learning abilities. A liberal arts education is all the activities of educating or instructing or teaching; activities that impart knowledge or skill. Abilities and attributes fostered in the Arts are always relevant, having significant and demonstrable bearing on facts or issues. (more…)

Sample Essay: Can We Cheat Life?

After reading watching a film by Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber called The Butterfly Effect once more I went to smoke my usual cigarette before sleep and suddenly discovered a new side of this film. For those who didn’t see the film I can say in few words its main idea. The main character got an ability to go back to past and to change some episodes of his life. And every time he changed a little episode his whole life took a completely different direction. It reflects the main idea of Chaos Theory which states that even a light move of butterfly wing in one part of the world can cause a destructive hurricane in another part of the world (Edward N. Lorenz).  I think it means that all events in our world are connected and every event causes a chain of other events. It’s an interesting theory and I seem to believe it but my essay is not about this. In that film the man got a chance to correct his mistakes made in past to improve his current life. And this is a dream of any person. Some of you can say that you are never sorry for your mistakes but it’s not true. Instead of declaring this life position which seems to sound cool, you’d better look deeper inside of yourself and find out if it’s really true. Everyone is sorry for some deeds. (more…)

UK Tourism Industry Essay Sample

The UK leisure industry represents businesses as diverse as tour operators and football clubs and is estimated to be worth about ?1.7 billion a week. An analysis of household spending during 2003 revealed that the proportion of disposable income spent on leisure activities is almost identical in terms of proportions of income across diverse socio-economic groups, regardless of whether individuals are in employment or unemployed. In generic terms, individuals will spend 13.5% of their total income on recreation and culture, they will spend 14.3% of their total income on transport and they will spend 9.8% of their total income on restaurants and hotels. (more…)