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Who Was Hillary Clinton?

Understanding politics is complicated at times. Some people strive to know who’s who when it comes to political influence, and others do not have time to research the inner workings of the official machine. One of the most well-known politicians of the 2000s was Hillary Clinton, but who was Hillary Clinton? This article will help readers understand the history of America’s most influential woman and the information provided can be used to write an essay about Hillary Clinton. Personal Life (more...)

Impressive Project Timelines Examples

Project management is a diverse field that encompasses a multitude of methodologies involving hundreds of topics and industries. Project managers use diverse tools and processes to complete their tasks, a majority of which are specific to a single company or product. Project timeline is an element that appears in every project despite the limitless variety of project management techniques. Accordingly, project timeline examples provide an account of schedules and activities that are spread through the entire project duration. A project (more...)

Business Proposal Letter Sample

A business proposal letter implies a write up sent to organizations or business partners to recommend a business idea or an intention to operate in certain ways. An ideal business proposal letter presents data that provides a convincing argument to support the suggested partnership or entrepreneurial idea. The main elements of the business proposal letter include an expectation to establish a specific business, an explanation of proposed ideas and operations, and the expected results to the stakeholders and the consumers. (more...)

Business Proposal Writing Sample

Business proposal writing involves putting together a document that provides particular products or services to potential clients. The business proposal write up can be solicited or unsolicited, where the former implies that the proposal is issued in response to an advertisement. The unsolicited business proposal is issued to potential clients even when they have not requested for one. Business proposal writing requires the articulation of a problem statement, a proposed solution, and a budget. With the increasing popularity of social (more...)

Business Plan Sample Free

A business sample should explain all aspects regarding a particular prospective enterprise. It contains important details such as nature of the industry, financial projections, and ownership structure. A person intending to enter the restaurant industry has to contend operating in a highly competitive sector. In order to succeed, writing down a detailed business plan is necessary. Kapsabet Dishes is an example of a company that followed this detailed document.  The proprietors of the proposed restaurant detailed business plan that encompassed (more...)

Business Model Sample

One can define a business model as a conceptual structure that supports the viability of a particular business. It also encompasses its objectives and has a specific plan of how to achieve them. In its simplest form, a business model describes how a business intends to fulfill its goals. Therefore, all policies and processes are part of it. Peter Drucker, one the most renowned management experts today, states that a business model answers questions such as who is the customer, (more...)

Business Case Study Example

Case studies are one of the most effective ways of informing the world of the value of goods and services provided by businesses. They serve as real-life testimonials of how customers are able to gain maximum satisfaction or how a certain process is beneficial to both the business and its consumers. By studying business case study examples from various sources such as the Internet, journals, and books, managers for fledgling businesses and start-ups can develop a strength-weakness approach. This is (more...)

Business Case Analysis Example

Mangrove Logistics Limited is a shipping company that specializes in the delivery of horticultural products. This Business Case Analysis example explores the company’s prospects of improved financial performance following the adoption of an ultramodern technology support system. The proposed technology is supposed to replace the current system, which is associated with a previous drop in profits. Mangrove Logistics Limited Case In the first quarter of 2016 fiscal period, Mangrove Logistics Limited reported a 37% drop in profits. The Chief Finance (more...)

Business Case Example

This business case example explores the merits of a new web-based system that is meant to spur efficiency in Mowls Engineers Limited. The company deals with civil construction works, but its recent performance has been marred by losses and multiple inefficiencies in the procurement department. 1. Executive Summary This business case provides an outline on how the new web design will spur efficiency in the procurement processes and the coordination of tasks in Mowls Engineers Limited. The case provides the (more...)

Business Case Interview Examples

A business case interview is a job cross-examination that involves framing questions in the form of a case study and allowing a job applicant to analyze the situation and present answers. The business case interview involves the interviewer giving the applicant a challenge, situation, or a question and providing an opportunity for the interviewee to ask questions for clarifications before responding to the case situation. Often, the business case interview is a business challenge that the interviewer has encountered in real life. Business (more...)