5 Ways How to Speak on Networking Presentation Topics in .PPT Format

Networking Presentation TopicsIf you’re a huge fan of Hollywood products, than you definitely have a list of favorite movies or cartoons that make your heart go boom. Nothing can take your attention away from the screen when your favorite celeb is shining bright like a diamond.

The relationship that actors capture on the screen is, without any doubt, different than the relationship that you have with the target audience you’ve prepared a PowerPoint presentation for. Still, as a speaker, you have exactly the same desired result – you don’t want your audience to look your words away. But unlike the screen stories, you are not provided with 2 or 3 hours to maintain everyone’s attention.

According to the article about the effects of PowerPoint, the audience can remember an average of 4 slides from a 20-slide presentation. So, the question is – how to build up a hooking PowerPoint presentation on Networking to ensure people will talk about it?

  1. Begin with a hook. The average individual’s attention span clocks in 8 seconds. It’s highly recommended to look for an unbelievable fact to immediately hook your target audience’s attention. For instance, you can mention that at present there are 5 billion computing devices (phones, computers, switches, modems and so on) and that by 2020 this number will reach 22 billion.
  2. Define your call to action. Knowing your call to action will make your presentation a success or break it. So, what is your special goal? What do you want your crowd to take away from your project? Announce it loudly at the end of your presentation.
  3. Simplify. Make sure to follow one idea on a page. Thus, you will give your audience an opportunity to really absorb that one concept.
  4. Avoid the clichés. Regardless the nature of the networking presentation topics that you work on, it is important to not to fall back on the cliché images or concepts. Make sure to communicate with the others by means of the most suitable ways to express what is in your mind.
  5. Have a strong ending. It is important to mention that the conclusion of your presentation will sound and look a lot like your intro. The key difference lies in the fact that your intro is provided to attract your audience while the ending part is there to call them to action. Keep away from the so-called watered phrases when you conclude your project. There’s no need to give suggestions or hints. Instead, provide impactful summarization points and use direct and concise language.

The reality is that no matter how hard you try, your presentation in Networking is most likely to fail if you don’t choose an attention-grabbing topic for one. Ensure to take into consideration the most interesting and original topics of the area.

The Most Interesting and Original Networking Presentation Topics

  • Heterogeneity in Mobile Cloud Computing: Taxonomy and Open Challenges;
  • App Acceleration and Load Balancing;
  • Media Access Control and Address Resolution Protocol;
  • Are Digital Signatures the Best Way to Protect Copyrights, Say on Games?;
  • What Makes Social Networking Addictive?;
  • Cloud-Based Augmentation for Mobile Devices: Motivation, Taxonomies, and Open Challenges;

Use this quick guide to get your ideas and facts formed into a marvelous presentation that will move the target audience! Alternatively, you can address our cheap paper writing service with ‘do my PowerPoint presentation for me‘ requests. We’re ready to prepare a good example of how to speak on Networking topics.