8 Free Critical Thinking Online Games and Apps to Boost Your Grades

Critical Thinking Online Games and AppsDid you know that critical thinking is like 2500 years old? No, we’re not kidding. It was Socrates who started doubting people’s claims and challenged them to support their statements with sustainable proofs. But, of course, it was popular only among guys like Socrates as there weren’t any media to popularize the phenomenon.

Right now you see “critical thinking online courses” or “critical thinking apps” on every website you go because suddenly everybody wants you to have analytical skills applied in all life situations. Well, if the time period we live in demands that, all we can do is obey (if we want to achieve at least some success here). That’s why we’ve prepared a list of 8 free critical thinking apps, games and websites for you to use and be on par with everybody else. You’re welcome!

1.  Critical Thinking Insight

Available on: iOS/Android/Windows

This is an app that checks your reasoning skills according to educational and employment standards. It also has different questions that can help you improve your critical thinking and become a better analyst.

2.  Critical Thinking Basic

Available on: iOS/Android

This is the program that is created to lay a solid foundation for critical thinking in your mind. With the help of core questions and the assessment based on 9 important criteria it upgrades your process of reflection.

3.  Spent

Available online

An engaging online game makes you play a role of a poor citizen who has to struggle with the daily expenses with a very limited budget. You have to make decisions about buying, spending and earning like in a real life, and that’s exactly what makes this game so authentic.

4.  Critical Thinking University ‘Think-O-Meter’

Available on iOS

This app develops your attention to details by presenting facts together with different assumptions/interpretations. Your task is to determine where the trustworthy data is. It also offers different scenarios where you have to act relying on your critical thinking.

5.  Brain Food

Available online

This is a website that has a huge database of puzzles directed at improving unconventional thinking. Every puzzle has a solution in the end so that you could check yourself and analyze your answers.

6.  Big Picture Debates the Brain

Available on iOS

The application is developed in a way to challenge you to reflect over the most contradictory and topical issues. Each question has variants of answers with evidence that you can vote for and share with other users.

7.  ReasonUp

Available on iOS

It is a similar app that also touches upon important questions and problems of the modern society. As the name suggests, you need to reason why you think this way, and not the other way around.

8.  Digital Mysteries

Available on iOS

Presenting a unique model of working in pairs simultaneously on one device (e.g. iPad), this app makes you build your chain of thought while you’re solving some kind of mystery. It even allows to create a .pdf report! How cool is that?

Use these programs and websites to upgrade your critical thinking and make sure you will be a successful student as well as marketable specialist in the future!