Common Places to Seek Free College Scholarships

Free College ScholarshipsIf you believe scholarships are for whiz boys and girls only, believe not! They’re not only for science know-it-all kids and athletic prodigies. And the scholarships are not only for those, who were lucky to find a four-leaf clover. The whole point is: there ARE scholarships available for you and for everyone else. So, it’s time to start looking for them. Ready?

Athletic Scholarships

Well, yes, this one is going to work only for a few selected from the crowd. At the same time, athletic scholarships do not require you to be Einstein. Rather, the importance here is in your physical strength, courage and talent.

Available at:

  • The University of South Carolina, where the Miss Jamey Elizabeth Collins JV Cheerleading Scholarship is provided for the cheerleaders.
  • Sierra Nevada College, where the Snowboard Scholarship is open to the active participants of the SNC Ski/Snowboard Team.
  • The University of South Carolina provides Paul Spector Memorial Scholarship for hard-working student-athletes, who show financial need.

Scholarships by Personality Type

Believe it or not, but you can find the most various scholarships out there that can fit almost every interest or personality trait! Make sure to find the scholarships that will reflect your inner world and suit who you actually are now, as a student.

Available at:

  • The University of California (San Diego) that provides Visual Arts full-time students with the Visual Arts Endowment Scholarship. The award amount reaches $4000.
  • SkillsUSA (mind that you’re supposed to be the member of the organization) offers The Culinary Institute of America National Student Organization Scholarship for the students, who demonstrate excellent skills in culinary, baking or pastry arts and wish to boost their professionalism in the area.
  • An accredited dance studio, school, university or any other educational establishment – that’s where Dizzy Feet Foundation Scholarship is open for every individual celebrating the true power of dance. Keep in mind that you’re supposed to be a USA citizen and prove you’re talented enough for this award.

Wacky Scholarships

There are academic scholarships that are quite wacky for every potential college student. But the good news is that these scholarships are really easy to find. All you have to do is to google “wacky scholarships” and here it is!

Available at:

  • Supported by Starfleet Academy, the Space Explorers’ Memorial Scholarship is there for the students, who pursue in the area that may not be covered by any other STARFLEET scholarship type.
  • Dutchess Community College provides Dutchess Heritage Quilters Scholarship for the non-traditional full time students, who attend the same college. You’re required to either be engaged in the visuals arts or performing programs to get the award.
  • The Michigan State University offers the Rodeo Club Scholarship to the transfer or entering students of the educational institution mentioned above. Mind that you’re supposed to be majoring full-time, have GPA 2.5, as well as take part in the Rodeo Club NIRA events to match the award.

There’s no good reason that you should pay 100% tuition for education. It just takes some time and effort to find the right fit. So, get it done!