How to Learn Problem Solving Skills: 10 Creative Ways

Problem Solving SkillsProblem solving skills are a vital part of life and everyone needs them. We face hundreds of small “problems” every day, and many bigger ones throughout any given week. And then, of course, there are some major problems we encounter in our lives.

We need to learn the tools to solve these issues. We are not born knowing what to do when a problem arises, though some people have more of a knack for problem solving than others. Instead, we need to learn these skills.

Learning skills do not usually sound like a fun thing to do. We learn new things from books and studying, but here are 10 creative ways on how to learn problem solving skills that are a break from a traditional one.

1. Doing Puzzles

Doing puzzles stimulates brain activity and makes you think. Puzzles are a fun problem waiting to be solved!

2. Creating Mind Maps

Grab a blank piece of paper and use it to make a mind map. This basically consists of connecting ideas, words, or phrases that are all related to the central problem. You can include things like causes and effects, possible solutions, pros and cons, the different sides – anything that comes to your mind! A mind map is a good way to explore all aspects of a problem and it’s a step in the right direction to solve it.

3. Practicing Yoga

Yoga keeps you centered and calm. It’s a good way to clear your head and concentrate on your body for a while. Who knows? The answer to your problems may just suddenly appear in your head!

4. Keeping a Notebook on Hand

Always have a notebook for when inspiration hits. Use it to write down anything important that comes to your mind.

5. Limiting Your Emotions

A big skill when it comes to problem solving is knowing how to control your emotions at the right time. Practice makes perfect!

6. Thinking from Different Perspectives

You should never take a one-sided view of things. Try to think outside of the box (use that notebook mentioned earlier!) and place yourself in others’ shoes. Doing so will help you when it comes time to make a big decision.

7. Watching Movies

Every movie has a problem that has to be solved. Take the time to analyze how the characters solve that particular problem and what they learn from it.

8. Focusing

Practice focusing all your attention on one thing or activity for a certain amount of time. Nowadays this is an important skill because of all the distractions that surround us!

9. Letting Go

Although this is the opposite of what’s directly above, it’s an important thing to do too. Letting everything go and relaxing is something that needs to be done from time to time so you can reexamine whatever you’re thinking about with a fresh mind.

10. Doing a Sport

Exercising and doing sports release endorphins, which make you happy, but sometimes you will need to work with others to achieve a common goal. The same thing happens when it comes to problem solving! So go ahead and get on the soccer field and have fun!

There are so many ways to improve your problem solving skills, so every person could choose the most suitable way for him/her.