How to Make Proposal Letter for Any Occasion?

How to Make Proposal LetterA management position at a certain establishment or an academic assignment may require the manager and/or student to develop and write a certain proposal, which makes him/her address the question of how to make proposal letter.

Whether it is a business proposal, which attempts to justify a certain action towards improving sales, or a case study proposal, aimed to outline the student’s vision of his/her further research, writing a proposal requires a certain amount of determination and skill. It is vital for the author to be able to effectively express his/her thoughts in an informative and persuasive manner. Thus, it would be more than noteworthy to take a look at the key points of the topic of how to make proposal letter.

What is a Proposal

Proposal letters may differ in their form and context, however, their core resemblance lies in the fact that these letters aim to provide a certain recommendation effort on a topical issue. A proposal letter can be defined as a letter, written by a certain party in order to address a problem or a topic to the second party in order to suggest a certain course of action that would benefit both parties as a result.

Types of Proposals

While the core idea of providing a recommendation is the same for all proposals, these letters may differ greatly in their approach and objective. The most obvious type of proposal letter is a business proposal, where the writer, which may represent a certain department of a company, could be writing to another department of the same company in order to address an issue that requires cooperation in order to be resolved. However, not all proposal letters govern problem-solving. A business proposal letter may also be aimed to suggest certain improvements in order to increase work efficiency, quality of the product, and overall profits. A proposal letter may also be written by a company representative to another company in order to suggest the merge of companies or an affiliate program, which would supposedly benefit both parties in the process.

Self-proposal and Academic Assignment

The other two main proposal letter types are a self-proposal letter, which resembles an attempt to apply to a certain position at a company, and a proposal as an academic assignment, which aims to outline the conducted research. In the first case, the author writes a thoughtful job application letter that not only informs the employing staff about the candidate’s skills and professional background, but also attempts to present the benefits that the company would gain from recruiting the author. The second type of proposal is assigned to students in order to test their analytical skills. Students are required not only to gather and organize knowledge, but provide a reasonable explanation for their research methodology and approach.

Providing a research proposal for the case study allows the student to outline key research objectives and methods of achieving them. As a result, the student is able to gain sufficient academic planning skills, and learns how to conduct research independently.