What is a Video Presentation? Types of Presentations

As the contemporary world is developing every day, people have to use technologies in their life. The use of technologies is making the life of people easier. For instance, the video presentation is helping people to explain a specific topic more detailed and it will be easier for other people to understand it.

Therefore, a lot of people may be interested what is a video presentation, so this paper will be useful for them. During different meetings and summits, people are using video presentation to explain their thoughts, however, a lot of people have never done a video presentation before. This paper will explain to them what is a video presentation in more detailed manner.

Video Presentation

A video presentation is helping people to present the information for viewers to understand in a visual format. Scientists proved that people are able to absorb a visual information faster than at the time of just listening. A person is showing viewers images and explains the information that is situated on those images. Likewise, images are able to visualized everything that a person is saying, in such a way, people are able to see examples of facts stated by a presenter.


PowerPoint is one of the most simple and the most popular programs that people are using in order to create a presentation. It was designed in 1987, but actually, it became the part of Microsoft Office suite in 1990. For first people was able to use it only in black and white colors, however, soon it became colorful. Nowadays people are able to use PowerPoint not only for creating a presentation but to make video presentations as well. It is very simple in use and exactly that fact made it so popular among customers.

Types of Video Presentations

You are able to create formal video presentations as well as informal. For instance, you may create a formal presentation for your business meeting. Such a video presentation will contain only facts that are supported by video and its main purpose is to inform people about some specific topic. Likewise, there are informal video presentations, such as a birthday video presentation. Such a presentation has a purpose to entertain people, you are able to use music as well as some funny parts. Likewise, you are able to combine it with different video pieces, so it will be more interesting.

Effect of a Video Presentation

The creation of video presentation has a positive impact on the life of people. First of all, it helps people to absorb information faster and easier. Likewise, the video presentation is making the whole process of lecture or meeting more interesting, people are observing everything on the screen while a presenter is explaining it more detailed.  The video presentation is also beneficial for a presenter because it helps him not to forget anything and deliver all the necessary information to the audience. All in all, a video presentation has a positive impact on the culture of communication as well because it helps to develop it.