Business Case Studies Free

Business Case Studies FreeA business case study is a documented study of specific business situations that can be fictitious or real. The case study is used as a training tool in organizations and business schools, and it requires an individual to analyze the prescribed cases, find solutions, interpret them, and present recommendations. Accordingly, students in the business field and trainers should provide case scenarios and solutions that are based on specific theories and assumptions. The location and provision of free access to business case studies provides students with a large database to not only analyze and find solutions to business-related problems but also formulate a research methodology framework. Notably, business case studies are significant for both learning institutions and organizations.

Determine Specific Topic for a Case Study

The first process in locating free case studies requires the determination of an encompassing topic. For instance, the case study can involve marketing, leadership, human resource, or research and development oriented issue. Subsequently, narrow down the topic to focus on specific information that relates to the required field. For instance, if the topic of interest concerns marketing strategies of a particular organization, it is appropriate to consider the name of the organization when searching relevant data.

Access Institution’s Library Database for Case Studies

This step applies to people who are affiliated to particular institutions as tutors or students. For this lot, access to free case studies involves logging in to the institution’s library and searching for case studies based on the case study topic or the targeted organization. For instance, a student who intends to access a product development strategy case study for a firm such as Coca Cola can engage in an overall search for ‘product development strategy case study’ or ‘Coca Cola case studies.’ Subsequently, the student can scan through the available Coca Cola case studies to find an appropriate and relevant case study.

Identify Open Access Database for Business Case Studies

This option applies to students and individuals with or without institutional affiliation. It involves using normal web-based search databases such as Google and Google Scholar. The latter can provide research based case studies from a scholarly and peer reviewed articles while the former presents wider search coverage. A single search for business case studies on the Google search engine provides different options for free and locked case studies. The locked case studies require one to have login details or to purchase them to view the case study. Institutions and online sources that provide free business case study include:

  • Harvard Business Review,
  • CaseBase & CaseBase 2: Case Studies in Global Business,
  • Business Ethics Case Studies,
  • MarketLine Cases in Business source,
  • The times 100.

Other Channels

An individual can access free case studies from articles, dissertations, and theses abstract from online platforms or physical libraries. Certain journals also feature case studies and do not require one to register or to be affiliated to particular learning institutions. They include:

  • Business Case Journal,
  • Journal of Case Research in Business and Economics,
  • International Journal of Case Research.

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