The data which has been taken into consideration in this case includes, position and intrinsic data type. Reason for selections includes, within case selection for both quantitative and qualitative data types. The first few analysis techniques used in this case helped in organization of the whole data under study. Different data types and groups within the given data have been identified as a separate case to help identify the single unique patterns within the two categories (qualitative and quantitative). The data provided in this case further entails cross-case analysis. Pair of cases can be determined from the given data there fore able to identify the mean, mode, average, variance, and standard deviation of each data provided in this case.

Positions 1

Intrinsic data type over view

  • Mean 4.99567
  • Mode 5.3
  • Average 4.99567
  • Variance 1.3541
  • Standard deviation 1.16366

Pie chart representing the data

Position 2

Intrinsic data type over view

  • Mean 5.57602
  • Mode 6.2,5.3
  • Average 5.57692
  • Variance 0.1787
  • Standard deviation 0.42273

Pie chart representing the data

Taking the two sets of charts into consideration, it can be seen that position 1 has a significantly higher value orders compared to position 2, that is in accordance to the mean 5.57602 and 4.99567. It can be pertained from analyzing the data and comparing the standard deviation of each data in this case. The standard deviation of position one (1.16366) is higher than that of position 2 (0.42273) taking intrinsic data into consideration.

Graphs and charts help in understanding of the data more clearly, an example is the one provided in this case. A pie chart has been used in this case, to try and explore the intrinsic data which has been shown by position 1 and 2. Pie charts have been chosen in this case to try and elaborate more towards the data. It serves the same purpose as a line graph or a bar graph. In this case it tends to show the difference between two different subjects. It thus further eschews the different subjects found in the essential part of the whole thing. It has further been chosen because it is the easiest chart to read and that why it’s mainly used in analysis of data.

Standard deviation and variance are used to measure confidence. Standard deviation tends to bring about aspects of diversity in statistics; it shows the total variation from the given specific mean. The higher the standard deviation from the mean the higher the variation and the vice are also true. In this case the data point tends to be close to the mean for position 2, while the vice is observed for the data in position 1. Confidence in statistical conclusion has also been easily defined by the standard deviation in this case. Estimation of the marginal error has been estimated to locate the total number of necessity in each case. Modified quantity of the data has further expressed the importance of standard deviation.

Variance or variation as presented in the case of data analogue is the square of standard deviation. It shows diversity in a set of group of data. It tends to show what precaution can be taken into consideration when choosing diversity for all the aspects delivered in this case.