9 Kinds of Research Papers You Face in the University

Kinds of Research PapersResearch or academic writing is an integral part of a student’s life. Starting a research paper can be very difficult for some people. At times, accomplishing it and presenting a final result are even harder than starting writing it. Due to this, students commonly feel intimidated by research papers. However, students can overcome this fear by knowing some basics kinds of research papers that they might be assigned at a university.

1. Analytical

This type of research paper aims to provide a reflection and analysis of the problem based on the gathered facts and valid evidence. First, the writer have to produce an outline as a guide for a research, and finally to make a claim.

2. Compare-and-Contrast

This paper will discuss a specific problem requiring an investigation of the initial cause of the issue and its possible impact on the society. The aim is to break down the factors of the problem and uncover their similarities and differences. Scientific research with ample brainstorming is required for such a paper.

3. Research

Research papers show different conditions and relationships of collected data through tables, graphs, and word descriptions. It requires legible and easy to understand depictions of the statistical calculations. All information have to be devoid of personal opinion and should be mainly about the gathered facts.

4. Experimental

This is a type of cause-and-effect research paper. It identifies a problem’s origin and conducts various experiments. It aims to find out if a certain issue can be resolved. It also requires appropriate and strict compliance of the scientific method.

5. Argumentative

Argumentative papers present a specific controversial problem with valid claims, evidence, and grounds to be analyzed for comparison. The writer must choose a side, provide a conclusion, as well as an explanation due to favoring one over the other.

6. Historical

This kind of paper describes or narrates different events in history by writing a critical examination and review to establish the existence of the current time event, condition or situation. It requires tracing history while searching for the valid facts.

7. Trace Study

This is a research paper that requires some people with a common factor that will be investigated if they had the same or different life outcome. For example, it would be great to find graduates who were taking the same course and ask them if they were able to practice their profession.

8. Interpretative

Mostly common to studies of human behaviors and literature, this paper requires the writer to provide a personal interpretation of a certain literature or phenomena.

9. Report

It is mainly used in the office and the HR department with a business format, this paper includes a summary of the work, related problems with suggested solutions.

Research papers assigned at universities can be very challenging for students. However, they do not always have to be difficult. Knowing the types of possible research papers, can help students feel more confident while dealing with their writing assignments!