Good TOK Presentation Topics Based on the Recent Cognitive Studies

Good TOK Presentation TopicsUndoubtedly, each essay type is complex in its own specific way thanks to various academic requirements. However, one may find many similarities in the way all essay types can be performed. A lot depends on the discipline as well. Some are easier to explain and write about. When comparing essay writing with other kinds of activity, one may find some similarities with the scientific presentation as well.

Presentation of the TOK (theory of knowledge) topics is likewise complicated due to the variety of requirements, approaches and of course, the academic discipline. For instance, psychological papers and presentations on the issues of cognitive studies are one of the most complicated assignments. At the same time, such specification is interesting as well. There is a lot to work out and discuss. Thus, you will not be limited by the lack of information and methods to discover the studied topic.

In order to make captivating TOK presentation, you should select an intriguing and essential topic. Here is a pickup of some suitable topics:

  • The idiosyncratic nature of confidence.
  • A face perception method for the demonstration of familiar and unfamiliar faces.
  • Laminar differences in neural activity answerable for making decisions in dorsal premotor cortex.
  • Special neural tools to identify honesty and dishonesty in children.
  • Tools to improve the word memorization and to increase vocabulary.
  • The evidence concerning restrictions in visual working memory.
  • An associative account of enhancement of word learning.
  • The recent evidence on the consequences of the normal process of aging.
  • How time limitation affects the process of making decisions and the variety of results.

These were a few topics of the latest cognitive studies. Yet, there are many other topics, which will help you to fulfill a really interesting research and make an impressive presentation.

How to Make TOK Presentations

It is likewise essential to learn how to prepare TOK presentation. If failing this task, you will lose important grades. Here are some useful recommendations:

  • Title page. You should announce the title of your research, explain your main objectives and clarify why it is so important.
  • Knowledge question (KQ). Introduce the list of your KQs and explain the way you are going to reveal all of them.
  • Introduce your major claim, support it with the evidence. Give only clear and brief explanations. Don’t forget about the counterclaims if you have any. You should state some brief conclusions on each argument. Each conclusion should be explained as well. Show its relation to your main purpose.
  • You should make a general summarization of the performed research. Clarify your conclusion. Don’t be afraid to mention some weak sides of your research. You can fix them all in the further researches. Try to be vivid and provide your audience with different perspectives of the same subject.

Following this structure, you will create a proper TOK presentation, which will have all chances to become successful and suit your academic goals.