Guidelines for Critical Thinking Speech in a TEDx Format

Critical Thinking SpeechTED format is a specific kind of verbal presentation in a combination with visual support. This is a showcase when speakers present their ideas in the course of 18 minutes. The topic may be anything that is interesting for you and may be relevant for the potential audience.

The specific time limit of 18 minutes is considered to be the most appropriate for the listeners. This is the most effective time period when a person has a proper focus on the topic and does not get bored and does not lose concentration. At times, we need only 5 minutes to plainly express and explain our main objectives.

If you should make a critical thinking speech in TED format, you may use the following ideas:

  • A team of scientists labors hard to give the precise data and analysis of a complicated experiment.
  • A talented writer puts to use his/her creativity to discover the plot of the story involving complex motivations and personal traits of the imagined characters.
  • A newcomer in the word of business runs his/her own small company and tries to evaluate possible outcomes of the innovative campaign, which is associated with economic issues and the human factor.

Such examples of the critical thinking are pretty difficult to prepare. Nonetheless, if making everything properly you will obtain great dividends from such lasting and complicated research.

The Structure of TED Talks

Once you have chosen a suitable topic, you should work it out. In order to put the things together properly, you should learn the structure of TED talks.

Here are vital points you should remember:

  • Develop an idea. Your first step is to develop the major idea of your research. Think about some interesting facts related to your topic so that they could get the attraction of the audience. You should be original and implement some effective elements, which hook the attention of your listeners. The experts say that you will have only 60 seconds to interest your audience. Afterward, people will be busy with anything else save your project. You are not supposed to be an expert in your topic. However, you should report about essential things and introduce a relevant idea.
  • Have a plan and make a script. You ought to be well-prepared for your project. Make an outline and write down the way your talk is supposed to develop. Evaluate all possible outcomes. Show that you care about your audience, introduce clear statements, use the evidence and show the way your audience might be affected by your main idea.
  • Create slides. In order make your project more impressive and easier for understanding, use a slideshow. Such implementation will surely find the appreciation of your audience.
  • You should repeat your showcase over and over again. Don’t stop until you feel that all parts of your talk are perfect. Mind timing and posture.

After you fulfill all these steps, you may freely make your presentation.