Essay Writing Software: The Best Free Options 2018

Essay Writing SoftwareWriters can do magic with their tools, whether those are simple pens or the inks from the Renascence era. So, it’s no wonder that they tend to talk here and there about the instruments (today called software) they use in the creative writing process.

Whether you write professionally novels, stories or screenplays, or essays, research papers and book reports as a part of your college program, there should be always a tool at hand that you can use to turn your writing talent into something pretty tangible.

For many writers, MS Word is a default instrument to play with words, but the subscription fees are quite steep for the budget of an average student. However, you can find better options on the web called free essay writing software. Check the best free options available for writers in 2018.

LibreOffice Writer

Meet a great alternative to MS Word! Great format compatibility, plugins support, document template galleries – fully-featured LibreOffice comprises many cool features of Microsoft Word except for the accompanying price tag. One of the best features that the program has is called LibreOffice Template Center, where you’re welcome to use all the templates available for all types of content.


Find it hard to keep your mind on an essay or a book report in the process of writing? With one of the best free online apps offered for writers, you can block all the distractions from now on! Available for macOS, Windows and Linux, FocusWriter is aimed at guarding your inspiration with all the alarms, timers and auto-save options.

To achieve a productive writing, you can hide all the distractive apps, set the most appropriate way that your text is going to appear on the page and keep track of a progress. Then a writer would work very well!

FocusWriter isn’t something every student would love – it’s not the best instrument to go back and correct your piece. Still, it’s a lovely thing that can help you stop checking Facebook or Twitter every other minute.


You’re definitely going to become a huge fan of the superb text editor, WriteMonkey, that reduces all possible distractions from the creative process. This free program works with TXT files and has a completely user-friendly interface that is more powerful than you may think. There’s an automatic syntax highlighting, a cool outliner and an excellent file organization. Even though you’ll need a bit of time to get used to the markdown, soon you’ll be happy about your efforts to work with it!

According to the findings of “An Investigation of How Chinese University Students Use Social Software for Learning Purposes”, the majority students have positive experience of using the features and functions of the software due to its friendliness,  accessibility,  reliability and compatibility. Do you belong to the majority or minority?

If these pieces of software haven’t inspired you to write an essay yet, then, resort to professionals at our cheap essay writing service. Their high-quality essay samples can perform magic for your success.