Hot Literature Review Example Topics: How to Cover the Literature at Its Best

Literature Review Example TopicsWhen it comes to a literature review, the project is usually crafted for identifying, evaluating and interpreting certain works created by scholars, researchers and academics. The reason why it is necessary to complete literature reviews lies in the fact that without it a writer won’t acquire the full understanding of a topic, what research has been already conducted on it, in what way it has been researched, and what the core issues are.

What is more, it gives readers the relevant background of what has been found within the area already, so giving the right context for the work.

One of the stumbling blocks in the process of writing this project lies in choosing the right literature review topics considering the proper limitations on the research, such as limiting by time, nationality, age and so on. To come up with the juicy topics, make sure to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How efficient your knowledge of the field is?
  • Will the chosen topic hold an interest within the given time frame?
  • Is it possible to fit this study for your other works?
  • Do you have the whole scope of the analytic and data-gathering skills to perform this assignment?
  • Is it easy to get access to the site or any cases you’re supposed to study?
  • Have you figured out who you should get in touch with to get a permission to access the site?

It is highly recommended to identify strong research topics. It is a good idea to take into account the related concepts. After that, conduct a short preliminary research in each of them. Do you think there are enough articles that you can access easily? Is this or that topic too general?

Your task here is to refine the topic to make certain it is not too general or too broad. Try to choose one of the following specific and focused topics to come up with the most interesting one for you from a suitable discipline:

  • An Analysis of the Relationship of Freud and Jung in the International Psychoanalytic Association (Psychology);
  • Marginal Analysis: A Good Way of Making Decisions or Not? (Economics);
  • Globalization and Its Impact on Economics (Economics);
  • The Debate over “Grammatical”: What Counts and What Doesn’t? (Linguistics);
  • A Review of a Particular Little-Known Language and Its Grammar (Linguistics);
  • The Unique Place of Slavic Among the Group of the Indo-European Languages (Linguistics);
  • The Role of Intuition in the Evidence Based on Nursing Practice (Medicine);
  • The Evaluation of the Current Pain Management In Pediatric Nursing (Medicine);
  • The Importance of Correct Sex Education in Schools (Medicine);
  • The Role Models to Health Problems: The Problem of Body Image and the Catwalk (Medicine).

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