Women’s Campaign Fund and How College Students Can Contribute to Its Advancement

Today, most citizens of the United States of America are actively supporting equality in everything. One of the most important fields in this matter is gender equality. Although there are many positive discussions and changes, the presence of women who embrace some leading positions is too low. Of course, one of the most important fields is the government of the country.

The Women’s Campaign Fund (or simply WCF) is one of the most effective tools for making a difference. It is a nonpartisan Political action committee that fights for the rights of women in legal ways without using any force. The main goal of the committee is to reach perfect equality in public office. In other words, there should be 50% of men and 50% of women in the government. This goal can bring the desired balance and avoid any possible confrontation in the political life of the USA due to the gender issue. College students can contribute to reaching this goal as well.

About Women’s Campaign Fund

WCF is the oldest female political movement in the USA. It speaks for all the women who are deprived of their rights in any way. It makes financial contributions to female advancement in all possible legal ways according to the law. It supports all women and has a clear aim of reaching equality in every sphere of the country’s life. WCF was the first PAC in the country to support women candidates, and it still remains the most meaningful tool that can help all women to stand their ground and protect their rights in the USA.

WCF Mission

The main big goal of the organization is to make both genders equal in all industries. This is a long and complicated path, and it is believed to start with the political situation. Women should be elected to the government at all its levels and branches. Only when the presence of males and females is 50/50, it be really possible to make the required changes. Women, as politicians, will gain more influence and real power to implement all other aims and make them work properly and fast.

WCF sticks to definite rules. It does not recommend any irresponsible people in the committee who are not devoted to the main guidelines. Therefore, it has 3 compulsory demands for its own candidates:

  • Full Devotion. A person must be 100% devoted to the main course of the WFC’s program and protect it all the time long.
  • Common Ground. When the candidates protect the goals of WFC and the rights of all women throughout the country, it helps to make their lives much better and safer. This can be done thanks to the demonstration of new approaches and methodologies for governing the country. It’s necessary to show that new suggestions are effective and important to society.
  • Viability for Election. The committee accepts only candidates who can follow the common ground, revealing the required capabilities of standing their ground. WFC takes into account the personal and professional, as well as political qualities of its candidates.

Accelerating Women’s Equality in Elected Office

As the work of WFC started in 1974, it took a long time to stand where it is today. Still, there is much work to do. The process of making both genders equal takes way too long and faces a lot of difficulties of all kinds and reasons. Therefore, it is necessary to accelerate the desired equality. The more it is postponed, the more issues appear. There is a risk of confrontation because the rights of women are not protected entirely, and they oppose that tendency. So, it’s vital to reach a 50/50 level as soon as possible.

This can be done in various ways. WFC has outlined several methods to reach the required aims. These are as follows:

Understating the Abilities and Where Women Can Win

First of all, WFC tries to create a reasonable roadmap that helps women realize their talents and where they can be used. Not all women are sure what they are capable of. This is when they simply waste their talents and opportunities. The organization does its best to reveal the talents of every woman to the fullest and thus find the place where they can be used. Self-realization is one of the keys to the happiness of every person. As a result, WFC:

  • Educates. It offers special programs, forums, etc., to help every group of women to find the right place.
  • Motivates. It helps to keep spirits high in various ways. All the approaches are individual to assure other women that they can be successful in the fields they have opted for.
  • Activates. Helps to start acting by moving towards their aims and needs.

National Partners

The organization does not narrow down its abilities to local options. It has partners outside the USA. Thus, the vital issues related to gender equality get a global status. Other countries also help to reach the common goal. It sufficiently speeds up all the processes.

Widening the Network

The process of reaching 50/50 equality is a long and complicated path. One of the keys to its acceleration is to expand the network. It means finding impactful influencers in every part of the country and in various industries. The geographical diversity helps to reach the organization’s goals much faster.

The Right People and Tools

It is also necessary to find out what people and tools can help to reach the appointed goals. As a result, WFC does in-depth research to find out who and what can suit its guidelines. One of the target spots is surely student folk.

College Students as Advocates for Women’s Campaign Funds

The authorities of WFC are convinced that all social layers can contribute to their aims to a definite extent. Of course, students are no exception. All college students can become members of the community if they really want to reach gender equality. They may be messed up in politics to see how it functions and what changes it needs. They can become the required change that brings positive outcomes.

One of the possible ways to be heard and understood is through essay writing. It’s a perfect means because students can combine education and follow this vital aim. When their professors let them highlight any topics, they can opt for promoting women. Their essays will be read and assessed by other students and educated professors. Not all people realize there is an urgent need for gender equality. Essays can open their eyes and expand their horizons. Perhaps some other types of academic assignments can also be devoted to this problem. These could be speeches, PowerPoint presentations, or even dissertations. These are great ways to be finally heard. Others can realize that there is still a serious problem that splits society and induces all of the reasons for confrontation.

Why Should Students Know About Women’s Campaign Fund

It is vital for all students to be aware of this campaign. Commonly, US colleges and universities support the idea of gender equality, as well as other ones. However, some students do not delve deep into this matter. Some young males may not care, and young females may not know that they can be treated equally. So, writing various academic papers and participating in the activities of WFC is crucial. It brings the required understanding to youngsters.

If they understand the goals of the organization and the benefits they can bring, they will turn the life of the entire country from good to perfect. When politicians are aware of how many millions of younger generations stand for gender equality, they will finally realize that it really must be reached as fast as possible. After all, the future of the USA is always in the hands of the next generation. So, its needs must be taken into account and fulfilled.

If you have a lot of homework assignments with free topics, opt for gender equality. Review this theme from different angles. There are a lot of issues one can highlight in one’s essays. For example, one can write about:

  • The history of women’s rights
  • The current situation in the USA
  • The importance of politics in gender equality
  • How it helps to avoid confrontation
  • How it improves life in general, etc.

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