5 Blogging Tips How to Learn: Write English Paragraphs to Better Writing Skills

English Writing SkillsNowadays, you may think that writing is out of style and fashion. It’s the old way of doing things and is only for school! What you may not realize is that you constantly write outside the classroom and you don’t even notice it.

Blogging and social media are so popular that many students have some type of outlet to express themselves. This could be through Facebook, Snapchat, a personal blog, or texting. Most likely you have already used one of these!

Writing a paper may seem a lot different, but in many ways it can be similar. We will take a look at some blogging tips that will help you with writing in English class.

1. Get to the Point

Nowadays it’s very important that what you write is interesting and blunt. If you don’t get to the point of what you are trying to say, you reader will lose the interest and click on something else. The same thing goes with writing papers for school.

2. Don’t Get Complicated

Just because you want to sound like you know a lot of words and can make long sentences with lots of adjectives, it doesn’t mean you should do this. Keep things simple. You want your message to be read and easily understood. You don’t want make your reader try to figure out what exactly you are saying because your language is too complicated.

3. Know Your Reader

You’ll want to blog about something that your readers will actually care about to keep them coming back. Ask yourself: what is important for my readers to know? What are they looking for? How can I help them? If you don’t have a strong readership yet, then imagine the type of a reader you want. Is it a businesswoman balancing home life or a 20-year-old university student who wants to travel?

4. Check Your Work Before You Publish It

Don’t hit that publish button yet! Read over what you’ve written. This is one of the most important things to do when writing. You don’t want to sound silly in front of the whole world. Check for simple mistakes. Proofreading and editing are the key components in the writing process.

5. Read Other Papers

To improve your blog writing skills, you need to expose yourself to other blogs, both in the same area as yours and outside of it. Reading is one of the best ways to see how others are doing it, and their writing style. As for the research papers, it is also beneficial to read some other pieces. It will help you to establish your own style, or to know what to avoid.

How to learn write english paragraphs effectively? Whether doing so on your personal blog or in a formal class paper, it is a hard work and takes some time. It’s not impossible though! Keep working at it and have fun. Remember that blogging can lead you to great things if you let it.