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5 Essential Points to Mind During the Story Writing

Story writing might become your headache if you are not well-prepared. We offer a guide that will give you tips required for the excellent performance of academic homework. Each piece of advice will make you one step closer to a perfect essay composing. How to Start Writing a Story and What Is Important? An essay is an academic assignment that demands concrete skills and patience. First of all, it must have an idea and intrigue. The plot of the paper (more...)

How to Make a Business Plan: Grab 14 Tips To Make It Worthy The Attention Of Investors

No enterprise can operate profitably in a market economy without a carefully prepared business plan. It gives detailed explanations of how the business will be managed in order to ensure its profitability, as well as return on investment. Constant changes in the economic environment in which the company operates require the refinement and revision of the business plan, which in turn requires the development of a mechanism for attracting management personnel to this work. Success in business is the result (more...)

3 Noteworthy Facts for the Narcissistic Personality Disorder Case Study

At some point in your academic Psychology course, you may be assigned with the task to accomplish a case study. The projects of this kind are usually used in clinical cases or in various situations when it’s impossible to conduct a lab research. When it comes to the undergraduate courses, the case studies are typically based on an imagined character or individual from a book, TV show or a movie. Case studies of any format are valuable data sources for (more...)

2 Ways of Assessing MyUNISA Assignments: Know What to Expect

According to the research study on e-Education and Research Networks, today’s “digital native” students expect e-education to be at the heart of their experience, while most universities all over the globe have successfully adopted e-education. In order to facilitate academic support provided for the college students, a lot of educational institutions develop the systems like eFundi or ClickUP, the LMS (Learning Management System) and many others. Let’s focus on the University of South Africa that is known for myUNISA. As (more...)

Get Through a Non Fiction Writing Course to the Final Round – Publish Your Own Work

Dreaming about becoming an integral part of the ‘writing life’? The first step you should take to get closer to the desired level is to rake a non-fiction writing course. Thus, you will be provided with a great opportunity to learn how to write, as well as gain confidence in your prose, enjoy regular writing practice and meet many other talented writers, who are ready to share their experience and tips with needy students. According to the news at BBC (more...)

Get M Tech Thesis Help from Real Experts: Plant the Seed for Your Technical Development

When the question concerns a M.Tech thesis, what students are actually required to submit is a significant contribution to a certain research on the technical background as they intend to get the degree - Master of Technology. On the way of getting this degree? Be aware of all points in advance. The M.Tech thesis you’re required to accomplish maybe an expansion of any past work within a particular area or an improvement on the existing state-of-the-art technology. Besides, the M.Tech (more...)

Free Creative Writing Software: It Works!

No matter how talented and virtuous you are at writing, it’s good to know that somewhere on the web free creative writing software is available for an immediate use. These special tools are immensely helpful when you’re in need of a push to keep on writing an essay, a research paper or, who knows, a real fiction piece. There are dozens of free creative writing instruments out there online that work for an experienced novelist and a needy student. They (more...)

How to Create Project Timeline Samples

Project management is a diverse field that encompasses a multitude of methodologies in different topics and industries. Project managers use diverse tools and processes to complete their tasks, many of which are specific to a single company or product. Project timeline is an element that appears in every project despite the limitless variety of project management techniques. Accordingly, project timeline samples provide an account of schedules and activities that are spread through the entire project duration. A project timeline sample (more...)

Business Asset Purchase Agreement

Business Asset Purchase Agreement is an elaborate agreement between the purchaser and the seller, which spells out the terms of purchase of specified assets belonging to a company. The agreement provides crucial specifics regarding the purchase price and the terms of payment. A formal agreement should have a conventional structure and must be written in a formal language that specifies all the important details with absolute clarity. Encumbrances and liens on the assets are also included in the terms of (more...)

Everything You Need to Know about Business Cases

An effective business case contains the topic about the various approaches to a particular problem, thus, helping managers to select the best option for each particular situation. The selected options must be in line with the interests of the company so that the transition process is smooth. For that reason, the writer should possess considerable depth of knowledge on the subject or topic about the organization and the business cases. For example, an author requires having finance knowledge to write (more...)