5 Points that Cheap Content Writers Can Teach You

Whilst you might really need help, asking cheap content writers for assistance can be a risky thing. However, there are lots of lessons we can learn from them. Here are some:

1. No Difference between Regular and Irregular Verbs

This means just adding ‘-ed’ to the end of each verb to turn it to the past tense. This is all about just inventing the form that looks best. Do not bother about the irregular verbs, it’s just the odd information that spams your brain.

2. Make the Topic Broad

Surely, the wider the subject is, the more readers are interested in it, right? A larger topic will interest more readers, of course, making the piece of writing more applicable, readable and understandable to many people.

3. Cite More Sources

An easy way to take up more space in your writing is just to cite as more sources as you can. This takes up more space and makes an impression that you have written the profound paper.

4. Express Your Individual Opinion

Don’t leave it to the experts: why not just express your own opinion? A personal point of view concerning the information and the key questions can be expressed in the paper for sure. There is no need to keep silence.

5. Express Ideas as They Come to You

If the ideas have come to your mind, why not to write them down immediately? After all, you might just forget them if you wait until later!

By now, you might have guessed: these are terrible rules for quality thesis writing. They will spoil your good paper, undermine the arguments you might form, and disrupt the logic of the whole text. Instead, let’s turn these rules around.

Don’t Invent Your Own Grammar

Be careful with your writing and learn conventions thoroughly. You cannot just invent verb forms. Irregular verbs are not simply formed by adding ‘-ed’ to the verb root!

Be Specific and Define Your Argument Clearly

Do not go broad with your topic. If the topic is too general, it seems that you have no idea what to write about in the particular piece. So, make your topic as much on point as it is possible. After all, leave some interesting ideas for your group mates, they also want to take part!

Cite Only Where Appropriate

Cite carefully and appropriately. Always try to paraphrase rather than to quote the sources directly.

Express the Reasoned Opinion

Your argument can be personal, but it should be presented as the logical dissection of all the sides of the issue. You should show that if you are expressing your individual point of view, you have done so by thoroughly researching and dismissing arguments that do not apply. This is what a good paper should provide you with, as opposed to the person’s feelings or beliefs.

Have an Overarching Logic or Flow

A paper must progress logically through the sequence of ideas. Your paper should be the logical unfolding of the concepts, not just a random throw together of words!

All in all, these are the ways that poor content writers can teach you about how a paper should be written. Use this guide to help you differentiate the quality from the trash.