You Ask, We Answer: What is Editing in Writing?

Editing in WritingIt is a well-known fact that editing is essential in the production of each piece of strongly written work. In particular, the notion of what is editing in writing can be defined as a crucial part of an overall writing process for every writer. By the way, it is essential to understand and make a clear and strict separation between such processes as writing and also editing. In such cases, editing in writing is the core of the accurate written paper that allows a person to represent a personal point of view. Hence, it is crucial becoming aware of the actual meaning and matter of what is editing in writing.

The Art of Editing in Writing

Editing in writing prepares a particular written work for its future publication. The art of this process depends on a thoughtful check for possible spelling errors, completeness of work, accuracy along with consistency, and also word choice, and writing style. In fact, it is easier to create something imperfect that would become perfect after its revision, than waste much time aiming to write a perfect work at once. This is why editing in writing can take care of refinement along with critical attention in order to help the paper get the required standard.

Diverse Feelings about Editing

Most of the writers, especially students, experience a wide range of feelings during the process of thesis editing. However, some of them feel the process of editing in writing like a negative experience, involving the desire to run away, loss of crucial material, or feelings that it is impossible to make the paper better. On the other hand, it may also be a positive process for those people who realize that this is the exact stage in writing which really helps to reach the standards. Moreover, it is easier to improve writing than write it. Furthermore, it takes less time to criticize the paper that has already been something substantial.

Editors may work in two different ways, including remarks on the sheet of paper or a word document on a personal computer. Today, it is more convenient to edit fonts, together with a size of type, or spaces along with headings and also blocks of the particular text in the paper just staring at the screen of the PC.

Common Stages of Editing

Editing in writing requires following five different stages. First of all, it is preferable to edit the writing for academic rigor. The next step bases on reducing redundancy, as it is crucial to remove irrelevant material. Thirdly, editors’ duty is to edit the paper for consistency, in particular, style along with voice and tenses. Later on, editing includes linking and also signposting, as readers should know and understand what to expect. The last step is known as proofreading, which contains the grammar along with numbers and also spelling. Actually, the examiner is able to study how much attention that writer has paid to his/her editing process in writing. Overall, editing in writing aims to make all of the necessary improvements in order to meet the required standards, before the examiner spots them.

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