Business Case Presentation

Business Case PresentationA business is a great idea that has been transformed into a solid project. At the beginning, one is required to present the idea to several decision makers, and it is vital to be straightforward and clear to earn the decision makers’ support. When one fails to present a winning delivery even though having a best-laid business case, there are higher chances of losing due to lack of traction. It is believed that a memorable business case presentation has the power to transform writings on a page to a tangible thing.  

  • Creation of a story. As much as one may want to stick to figures and facts, creating a story hooks up an audience more. The story needs to be simple where the needs have been outlined, the impacts are well stated and the solution has been explained. Injecting a human connection or an emotional appeal into the story makes the case to be more memorable to the audience. One can use testimonials from customers or how the project once helped employees to stay connected during a crisis. Fear may overcome the audience at first making them to be reluctant and the only way to help them fight that is appealing their hearts rather than their minds.
  • Addressing the business need first to capture attention. One needs to identify the business need and address it first to capture the audience’s attention. For one to get support, the need has to be appealing and convincing by showing how it aligns with the corporate strategies and goals. One needs to address the audience’s concerns since this will help one to win allies. One may address how the business idea will help grow the company in its Europe operations if one of the people in the audience is interested in growth in Europe. This helps one to have his/her bases covered.
  • Giving a preview of the business presentation to the decision makers. One ought to have answers for other projects that could have been questionable. One might consider giving the decision makers a preview of the business presentation before the presentation date and ask about their views. With the recommendations from them, one adds it to the presentation and this increases the chance of winning their hearts. When a person’s idea has been used in a presentation, it makes one feel as if his/her own idea is being presented and tends to show total support.
  • Use of videos and colorful metaphors during presentation. Human connection is vital when making a business presentation since it helps ease the tension. One may choose to use videos, colorful metaphors and other media forms to help make a point stand out. However, there are times when it is considered that simpler is better and the narrator has the power to bring down the barrier between him/her and the audience.
  • Use of elevator pitches in form of slides. No matter the amount of time allocated to do a presentation, it is always wise to have an elevator pitch in place. This can be in form of slides, where one prepares the specific slides to present that contains the main information in case the time is limited. There are cases where one is requested to emphasize on a certain point during the presentation and appendix slides come in handy at such moments.

When making a presentation, you have to ensure that the points presented are memorable and persuasive to the audience and the main idea has to be communicated. One should not overlook the audience’s concerns, give too much irrelevant detail or fail to engage the audience since it will be boring and the main idea may fail to meet the target audience.

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