Dissertation Step-by-Step: What is a Dissertation Proposal

Dissertation ProposalThe profound academic performance is an indispensable element of one’s professional success and personal growth.

Notably, receiving a substantial educational background is not possible without being acknowledged about the major features of the most important academic works. Therefore, being aware of what is a dissertation proposal appears to be a prerequisite for the student’s success in both studying and receiving skills required for the professional career. In particular, the knowledge of what is a dissertation proposal would be incomplete without analyzing the proposal’s aim as well as its major elements.

Overview of a Dissertation Proposal

The aim of a dissertation proposal implies giving to the reader and, first of all, to the professor, the basic overview of the future research which will be conducted within the dissertation framework. It is worth mentioning, that the requirement of writing a dissertation proposal largely depends on the university and the field of study. Consequently, in some universities, the students are not obliged to prepare a dissertation proposal. Nevertheless, writing a proposal would particularly helpful for the student even in case if there is no formal obligation.

The Purpose of a Dissertation Proposal

This type of academic work enables the student to reflect critically and rethink the subject, aim, and potential outcomes of the future work. In other words, the initial proposal is a remarkably helpful tool in terms of defining the potential shortcomings and disadvantages of the academic research. In addition, writing a dissertation proposal may serve as a perfect model and a roadmap which would help the student to keep focused on the most important aspects of the research without being distracted. In this context, it should be noted that the preparation of the comprehensive and useful dissertation proposal would not be possible without being aware of the major elements constituting a proposal.

The Elements of a Dissertation Proposal

  • Title of the research. It should be noted, that the title presented in the proposal is not a final one and it might be changed after some new aspects of the research would appear.
  • Objectives of the research. Importantly, there should not be too many goals, otherwise, the student will not be able to focus on the major issues being analyzed.
  • Background and literature review. The proposal should necessarily include the information concerning the background of the research and a concise analysis of the recent academic literature in which the topic-related issues are presented.
  • Methods and tools of the research. In this part, the student is required to specify the empirical or non-empirical analytical tools as well as to define the specific activities which will be conducted in the framework of the research.
  • Outcomes of the research. It is important for the student to specify the potential outcomes of the academic efforts. In other words, it should be explained how and why his or her dissertation might be useful in future.

To sum up, being aware of what is a dissertation proposal appears to be a prerequisite for each student’s academic and professional success. In particular, the proper application of knowledge concerning the proposal’s aim and elements may serve as a guarantee for receiving a high grade and a background required for the rapid career growth.