Master’s Basics: What is a Thesis in Literature

Thesis in LiteratureThe notion of what is a thesis in literature implies the topic sentence that is focused on the main idea of the literary work.

It has always to be supported and developed by the evidence in order to meet the requirements of the text. The thesis is written according to the genre of the literature which can take many forms as fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama. It has to cover the characters, structure, theme, idea, plot, style, tone, symbol, imagery of the literary work. The thesis should be concentrated on how the writing conveys the peculiarities of the genre’s forms or the ideas of the particular writer or group of writers. At this moment, it is significant to take a closer look at the notion of what is a thesis in literature.

The Notion of a Thesis

A thesis statement is a significant element in the literary work as it shows how one interprets the certain topic under discussion. Moreover, it becomes the answer to the questions that can appear during the literary writing. The thesis is written to make a claim in a form of one sentence and represent the argument to the reader. Another part of the paper is the evidence that is written to convince the reader in the logic of the thesis. One has to find the certain correlations between the facts and unite them in one logic sequence of the events in order to express the view in a clear way. Furthermore, the thesis has to be specific and do not wander the reader, thus it has to contain the strong evidence to support the thesis.

Developing the Thesis in Literature

The thesis in literature has to draw parallels between the real stories from life and some elements in the writing. It can be compatible with the author’s life, medical diagnoses, the historical events. If one reads the story, it is important to dwell upon the notes in order to find the interesting questions to be answered. It can refer to the development of the characters, how they are changing during the story, and generally how the plot is developing. Having the general points, the person can concentrate on the possible ideas and give the answer to the questions. Then, one is recommended to use the evidence in order to support the thesis.

Tips on Writing the Strong Thesis

When one finished writing the essay, it is important to evaluate it according to the requirements. Firstly, one has to check whether the question was answered in a right way. Thus, it is advisable to re-read the paper in order to improve the argument and concentrate on the question. Moreover, one cannot just provide the simple facts or summary, but to make the strong argument that will trigger the discussion. Furthermore, the thesis has to be specific and be connected structurally in order to be understandable to the readers. In addition, the essay has to support the thesis that should be connected with the body of the paper.