Stop Crying While Writing a Dissertation Introduction

Dissertation IntroductionWriting a dissertation introduction is extremely important and, at the same time, quite challenging part of the process of writing a dissertation. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of a solid introduction to the overall success of any particular dissertation. Even in the case when the whole dissertation is well-prepared and possesses a plenty of facts and reasonable evidence, a poorly-written introduction can negate all the work done. As such, the introduction will be under scrutiny from the side of the targeted audience. Considering all the above, it is crucial to consider the process of writing a dissertation introduction in more details.

The Overall Objective of the Introduction

Without any exaggeration, the introduction is considered to be the most important part, since it should describe the purpose of a dissertation. This part of a dissertation will be the object of increased attention, so the major objective of the introduction is to present and state the importance, originality, and topicality of the research project. First of all, it should contain a statement of the research issue that a particular project explores. This statement must provide a general overview of the actual research on the given subject. Besides, it should provide the prospects of in-depth exploration of the topic, as well as how the given project will enhance the knowledge of a wider audience about the given topic. In addition, the introduction is a chance for the writer to prepare the audience to the perception of a dissertation. Nevertheless, the author does not have to disclose all the details or the main idea of the project at this section of the paper.

The Components of the Dissertation Introduction

There is a list of mandatory components that should be included in the introductory paragraph. First of all, it is crucial to mention why the topic is worth of researching so that the audience understood the importance, necessity, and urgency of its research. Next, it is needed to state an objective statement. As a matter of fact, a cogent hook is equally important, as it will help to express the significance of the subject matter. Furthermore, it is important to mention a statement that indicates the limitation of the given study. Finally, it is needed to express a statement that reflects the opposite aspect of the researched topic.

The Structure of the Dissertation Introduction

It is worth noting that writing a dissertation does not have to be intricate. Despite the fact that writing a dissertation introduction is quite a challenging task, there is a list of key principles, the making of which in the introduction will help to set up the paper in the right direction.  Firstly, it is needed to write a remarkable opening sentence, which will focus the audience’s attention. The general tone of the introduction should be confident without being dismissive and assertive. The introduction should be concise, without any excessive details about what is to come in the research project. Eventually, at the end of this part of a dissertation, it is necessary to give a brief explanation of what the reader can expect in the following parts of the paper.