What Makes Writing a Book Template Effective

Writing a Book TemplateIn order to persuade the audience that a certain book or idea is worth attention it is essential to be aware of what makes writing a book template effective. A powerful book proposal is a key to the success of any novice as well as an experienced author. A compelling book template presumes an argument that will interest publishers and ensure the investment flows. Moreover, it is less time consuming than writing an entire book and only then trying to draw agent’s attention. Generally speaking, the knowledge of what makes writing a book template effective not only assists in the creation of a real masterpiece but also makes it accessible to the general public. Still, it is important to make a distinction between fiction and non-fiction templates that will be described further.

Defining a Book Template

A book template or book proposal could be defined as a business case for a certain book that convinces an agent to invest in its publishing. In simple words, it is a sales document that briefly describes what the book is about. It is aimed to grab the main idea of the story and present it in the 10-25 pages document. Thus, a well-developed book template is something that assists in getting a book contract regardless of whether the book is indeed a masterpiece.

Criteria for Effective Non-Fiction Templates

Undoubtedly, non-fiction templates differ from the fiction ones in different ways. For the reason of that, it is important to define what elements the effective non-fiction template should include. First of all, the author should write an excellent query letter that will capture the editor’s attention and force him or her to actually read a proposal. Secondly, the first paragraph of the proposal should be as bright as possible in order to make publisher continue the proposal overview. Thirdly, it is essential to create a unique selling proposition and define the target market that book is aimed at. Furthermore, it is necessary to critically evaluate a competition on the book market and prove the uniqueness of a particular writing. Finally, the author should mention his or her sufficient qualification and ability to market the future book.

Criteria for Effective Fiction Templates

Effective fiction templates, on the contrary, should meet a number of following criteria. Firstly, the query letter should induce the publisher to ask for more. Secondly, the fiction proposal should include an excellent hook statement that will describe the book in nine sentences. Thirdly, it is important to define the target genre in order to help the publisher to estimate the market for the book. The next step presumes the creation of “story arc” that should be precisely developed in a one-page document. Similar to that in the non-fiction templates, it is essential to include the passage that will prove that the author of the proposal is qualified enough to write the book. All in all, every fiction template that is aimed to achieve success and become a future book should contain a piece of writing in order to prove its good quality and author’s professionalism as well.