Writing a Business Case Study on Your Own?

Business Case StudyWriting a business case study is considered one of the most significant and common academic assignments dedicated to learning specific social disciplines such as economics, management, or business studies. This type of academic assignments confronts students with a business situation existing in reality, engaging their skills to resolve its issues. In addition, it develops the knowledge of business concepts, including problem-solving and decision-making skills. Therefore, it is quite an important issue for every student to master significant requirements and guidelines of writing a business case study.

What is a Business Case

A business case is considered a fundamental part of every business case study. Therefore, in order to appropriately write this academic assignment, at first, it is necessary to develop a respective business case.

In essence, a business case implies the situation that occurs during the workflow of the particular organization and represents significant concepts of business. Except the particular integrating story, the appropriate business cases should also include learning goals of the subject discipline.  Starting to write a business case study, it is necessary to develop a concept document that should include a business situation, central character, learning goals, challenges, and issues that require resolution.

How to Develop a Business Case

The first stage of developing a business case implies setting its learning objectives. As a rule, a typical business case should contain at least five or six learning goals of the course that should be achieved while its application. The most appropriate strategy to develop learning objectives is to identify what outcomes students should obtain after the case analysis.

After setting learning objectives, a case-writer should select the protagonist of the business case study. The protagonist is the central character of the case who encounters the particular situation of business, being under the pressure of time or other constraints. Developing the image of the protagonist, it is necessary for the students to set themselves in his or her place, and applying case data, they should make the appropriate decisions concerning the resolution of business issues. Another significant stage of this academic assignment implies the narrative. Particularly, the majority of business cases start with a brief introductory story that represents the situation of the central character. Subsequently, the business case should represent the information that is relevant to the decisions that he or she should make. The final stage of developing a business case contains a decision point. This phase should include the point where the central character should make a decision in order to resolve challenges and matters of the business case.

Structure of a Business Case Study

The appropriate structure is also a significant attribute of the successful business case study. The required structure of successful business cases includes an introduction, company’s background,  issues, and challenges of the business situation. An introduction to the case study should be approximately one or two pages long.  It should also introduce the characters of the business case and the protagonist. In addition, it should represent a business situation with challenges and issues that it caused. In the section of the company’s background, a case-writer should describe the organization where a business situation occurred, introducing its history, competitors, clients, products and services. The next part of the business case should involve  issues and challenges the central protagonist encounters and the available information concerning their solving. In order to conclude this assignment appropriately, the student should emphasize the role of its central character, and briefly review matters and challenges of a business situation.