Writing a Capstone Paper with Ease!

Writing a Capstone PaperBy the end of their scholarship programs, most students are assigned the complicated academic task of writing a capstone paper. The capstone paper is a paper that aims to summarize the educational achievements of the student throughout the course of his/her study. The task attempts to test the student’s ability to use the gained knowledge and skills in practice. One may not become a qualified scholar if not able to conduct independent research. writing a capstone paper is an important event of one’s educational self-development.

What is a Capstone Paper

A capstone paper is a peculiar kind of academic paper which is assigned only once – at the end of the academic course or the student’s final year at the educational establishment. The capstone paper, also known as the culminating project or senior exhibition, can be defined as an academic work that aims to present the student’s gained skills and knowledge, as well as academic achievements, in a written form, which supports certain fixed academic criteria. A capstone paper is a summary of the conducted study. What differs a capstone paper from a course work, is that a course work is a paper that summarizes only one year or semester of the scholarship, while a capstone paper aims to summarize the academic experience as a whole. Capstone papers are usually assigned as a form of a project, which requires the student to conduct a decent amount of research in his/her own specific qualification. These projects aim to test the proficiency of the student in his/her assigned discipline.

How to Write a Capstone Paper

Writing a capstone paper is neither a short nor simple task. It requires determination and a combination of analytical and creative thinking skills. A student is required to show his/her critical and independent thinking in a scholarly and scientific approach. Just as any other academic paper, such as an essay or course work, a capstone paper has a set of academic requirements. It has to feature three main elements: an introduction, which features a definite thesis; a body, which contains the main analysis and context; and a conclusion, which summarizes the conducted study. A capstone paper, depending on the assignment, may also feature such elements as an outline, diagrams, and an annotated bibliography, which resembles the course’s literature findings. It is important not just to complete the assigned instructions of a specific case study, but to attempt to use all the knowledge and skills gained throughout the course of education in order to put them to an adequate test.

Why to Write a Capstone Paper

The assignment of a capstone paper is a significant event in the life of scholar or any potentially qualified specialist. It is a turning point of one’s professional development, in which an individual aims to prove his/her academic maturity. Capstone paper assignments are designed not only to test the academic abilities of the student in the eyes the graduation committee, but also to help the student evaluate his/her own path of development throughout the course of study.