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Business Case Preparation

Although preparing cases is an important requirement is any school of business, there’s no specific way of doing it. However, students are advised to invest valuable time for business case preparation in order to ensure the best results. Before you attend the classroom discussion, it is significant to ensure you have carefully studied the scheduled case. Despite having so much on your hands, such as extracurricular activities, coursework, and finals among others, there’s no good reason why you should not secure (more...)

Forensic Psychology Dissertation Topics Based on the Shootings in the US

Despite the fact that forensic psychology is a relatively young discipline (it was accepted as a separate specialty in 2001), it plays an important role in a judicial system. Forensic psychologists work with criminals, witnesses, victims and all other subjects participating in the legal proceedings. They often act as expert witnesses that interpret the results of psychological investigations to the court. This means that a person involved into the forensic psychology has to know not only his/her own specialization, but (more...)

Graduation Project Topics on Religion-Based Terrorism from KKK to Al Qaeda

According to the Country Reports on Terrorism 2016, there are 61 registered terrorist organizations in the world. The grouping that presents the biggest global threat is the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) with Al Qaeda being the second organization in size and endangering mainly the USA. The numbers and outcomes of terrorist attacks are terrifying, but far too significant to be neglected. That’s why writing a graduation paper and researching this issue can be not only a means (more...)

“Readings in the Parlor” for Your Harvard University Creative Writing Classes

Here is an interesting fact: in Harvard yard there is a statue with an inscription “John Harvard, Founder, 1638”. And everything would be perfectly fine with it, if students didn’t call it “the Statue of Three Lies” Why? Well, firstly, John Harvard was never a founder, but a sponsor. Secondly, the university was created in 1636, not in 1638. And, thirdly, the statue depicts some student the sculptor used as inspiration, not the actual John Harvard. But besides this slight (more...)

Good Thesis Topics List for Techies even Elon Musk Would Approve

The role of modern technologies in the current society is of huge importance. It helps the humanity in multiple ways and each year, we enjoy the novelties of the technological progress. They sufficiently ease our life, offer great conveniences, the quickness of fulfillment almost all options. Consequently, more and more young people attend technological colleges and universities. This branch is utterly popular. One of the greatest difficulties for techies is to write essays. It goes without saying that you will (more...)

Guidelines for Writing a Project that Involves Designing an Experiment

One of the most specific and pretty complicated kinds of assignments is to write a project, which requires a designing of an experiment. It is understood that the term experiment means the specific procedure, which is carried out systematically and which is controlled to discover some unknown results, establish a hypothesis, confirm potential outcomes or prove a definite effect. Accordingly, such project will not become an easy stroll even for the brightest minds. This assignment will require a lot of (more...)

5 Blogging Tips How to Learn: Write English Paragraphs to Better Writing Skills

Nowadays, you may think that writing is out of style and fashion. It’s the old way of doing things and is only for school! What you may not realize is that you constantly write outside the classroom and you don’t even notice it. Blogging and social media are so popular that many students have some type of outlet to express themselves. This could be through Facebook, Snapchat, a personal blog, or texting. Most likely you have already used one of (more...)

Master’s Basics: What is a Thesis in Literature

The notion of what is a thesis in literature implies the topic sentence that is focused on the main idea of the literary work. It has always to be supported and developed by the evidence in order to meet the requirements of the text. The thesis is written according to the genre of the literature which can take many forms as fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama. It has to cover the characters, structure, theme, idea, plot, style, tone, symbol, imagery of (more...)

What is Creative Writing Course? Here’s the Answer

The one who is determined to be engaged in writing the literature works has to understand the notion of what is creative writing course. It is aimed at offering the writing tips and improving the skills on how to write fiction, non-fiction, poetry, short stories, articles, letters, reviews and so on. The course might be beneficial for those who is determined to develop such techniques as style formation, compiling the theory, developing the imagination, revision techniques, grammar observation, publishing, scholarly (more...)

You Ask, We Answer: What is Editing in Writing?

It is a well-known fact that editing is essential in the production of each piece of strongly written work. In particular, the notion of what is editing in writing can be defined as a crucial part of an overall writing process for every writer. By the way, it is essential to understand and make a clear and strict separation between such processes as writing and also editing. In such cases, editing in writing is the core of the accurate written (more...)