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Business Communication Topics for Presentation

Business communication is an indispensable practice in the day to day running of businesses. Although it permeates every facet of organizations, the only thing that matters is the level of its effectiveness. One key aspect of effective business communication is simplicity. For communication to be effective, appropriate medium must be used to relay the needed information. It is, therefore, imperative that students and managers alike learn about the various channels of business communication that exist in organizations. Various platforms used (more...)

8 Free Critical Thinking Online Games and Apps to Boost Your Grades

Did you know that critical thinking is like 2500 years old? No, we’re not kidding. It was Socrates who started doubting people’s claims and challenged them to support their statements with sustainable proofs. But, of course, it was popular only among guys like Socrates as there weren’t any media to popularize the phenomenon. Right now you see “critical thinking online courses” or “critical thinking apps” on every website you go because suddenly everybody wants you to have analytical skills applied (more...)

How to Get the Most Out of Free Math Tutoring with Khan Academy

All big concepts start from small ideas in the heads of prominent people, and Khan Academy is not an exception. It was founded in 2006 by Salman Khan, a passionate teacher and educator who first tutored his cousins using Internet and filming short videos for YouTube, and when the demand grew exponentially, created a nonprofit learning platform. As for the free math tutoring, Khan Academy has probably the biggest database of video lessons and practicing exercises among other e-learning websites. (more...)

Affordable Apartments for Students from California State University, LA: Not too Chic, but not too Far

If you’re looking for accommodation near UCLA, it means that you’ve got accepted to the university that in 2015-2016 was ranked 13th for the reputation on a global scale by THE magazine. Our congratulations! But this is LA, baby, and apart from feeling happy and proud for yourself, you’ll have to deal with a number of issues, and one of them is accommodation. It’s not that easy to find affordable apartments for students, but if you work out a plan (more...)

Renting an Affordable Apartment in Tacoma, WA: How to Fit in a Student’s Budget

So, you’ve got accepted in one of the universities of Tacoma, WA, and now you are planning to move there for your first year of studies. Well, we have to tell you that you won’t be disappointed neither by the provided education, nor by the location itself. Tacoma is one of most populated cities in the state, has a beautiful view on Mt. Rainier, and is much more affordable than Seattle, especially when it comes to accommodation. And that’s exactly (more...)

Affordable Health Plans with Maximum Benefits for Students after ObamaCare Act

When you become a college student, you can consider that you’re entering a pre-adult sphere of your life. Why? Because you have to care about accommodation, control your expenses, be responsible for your deeds (!), etc. But the most adult thing you have to do is to choose a health plan for the time of your studies. It sounds scary, unclear and impossible. However, it is doable if you allot enough time to make sense of all the strange terms (more...)

Affordable Rent: San Francisco Apartments for less than $1500 per Month

San Francisco … The city of fitness and dog lovers with incredible views and endless opportunities. You may read dozens of stories from people who fell in love with a place for the tastiest food in the world or the atmosphere of constant movement forward. But San Francisco is also the city with the highest rent prices in the US together with the highest cost of living (according to Zumper). Surprised and scared? Sorry, we thought you knew what you (more...)

How to Learn to Study When You Do Not Even Have Time for a Coffee Break

There’s never enough hours in a day! Sometimes it can feel like it’s impossible to get everything done that is needed. School is just another thing on your to-do list, but you know it’s important. The problem is to find some time to everything that is needed. There are some ways that you can help yourself to find the time to study. Learning how to study is a key factor in achieving your study goals as quickly as possible, while (more...)

How to Learn Problem Solving Skills: 10 Creative Ways

Problem solving skills are a vital part of life and everyone needs them. We face hundreds of small “problems” every day, and many bigger ones throughout any given week. And then, of course, there are some major problems we encounter in our lives. We need to learn the tools to solve these issues. We are not born knowing what to do when a problem arises, though some people have more of a knack for problem solving than others. Instead, we (more...)

Can an Affordable Online College Provide Well-Grounded Knowledge?

Education is known for being expensive. The financial barrier is one of the biggest that students face when deciding to continue their schooling. One of the most affordable options that students turn to is an online college. As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for”. Does this hold true for online colleges? Many prospective students worry that they won’t receive the same standard of education that a traditional brick-and-mortar school offers. In reality, there is nothing to worry (more...)